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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Unused LA Animal Shelter Finally To Be Opened

(ANIMAL WELFARE) CALIFORNIA — After three years of sitting unused, the Northeast Valley Animal Care Center has been given to Best Friends Animal Society, a national nonprofit animal rescue group. Although there has been some debate about the privatization of this taxpayer-funded facility, the benefit to animals promises to be immense. Learn more about Best Friend's plans to update the Mission Hills shelter and help thousands of animals from euthanasia every year. — Global Animal

Casanova Bustard Birds Pay Hefty Price

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR/SCIENCE) Like most birds, female houbara bustard birds choose mates based on the male bird's showy colors and displays. Interestingly, a new study suggests that the harder these beautiful birds work to impress potential mates, the faster their sperm count drops. While this may sound like a lackluster way to live, it just may be one of nature's more effective strategies. — Global Animal

Golden Retriever Catches A Strike

(ANIMAL VIDEO) The ceremonial first pitch at this Padres game in Petco Park looked like it would sail over the catcher's head. Luckily, the catcher in this instance was a golden retriever with good leaping ability. Watch this golden receiver frame the strike zone! — Global Animal

German Cow Runs For Her Life

(RUNAWAY COW) GERMANY — After escaping slaughter on a farm in Muehldorf, a 6-year-old cow named Yvonne is running for her life. With hunters, activists, police, and even the Hindu community chasing after her, this cow sure knows how to fight for her freedom! — Global Animal

Bill Clinton: From Meat Lover To Vegan

(VEGAN) Bill Clinton, once known for his foul eating habits and poor health, has gone Vegan. After a series of health concerns: weight gain, plaque build up, a quadruple bypass surgery, and angioplasty, Clinton knew a drastic changed was necessary. Read on for more regarding Clinton's health revival and newly found activism toward the practice. — Global Animal

Stop Privatization Of The LA Zoo

(TAKE ACTION) CALIFORNIA — The Los Angeles Zoo is considering privatization in lieu of financial problems. The idea has met opposition from animal welfare groups such as In Defense of Animals (IDA), who believe privatizing the city zoo could  affect animal safety and allow the zoo to keep such information from the public. Find out how you can help save the zoo animals and stop the privatization of the LA zoo! — Global Animal

Artificial Insemination Helps Threatened Cat Population

(PALLAS' CATS) OHIO — Three Pallas' Cat kittens were born through artificial insemination at the Cincinnati Zoo. A near-threatened species, the Pallas' Cat has struggled with habitat loss, poaching, and rodent control programs in Central Asia. But with the help of some dedicated scientists there is hope. Read about the rehabilitation process of these beautiful wild cats. — Global Animal

Activists Thank ‘Apes’ Filmmakers At Premiere

(MOVIES/ANIMAL RIGHTS) HOLLYWOOD — In the midst of an increasing number of films featuring (and abusing) live animals, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" presents an advanced, animal-friendly alternative: technology. The movie's filmmakers believe animals like apes belong in the wild, not the entertainment industry. But not all filmmakers are so concerned with animal welfare. Find out what is being done to ensure the safety and proper care of animals on (and off) movie sets and why this goal is such a difficult one to accomplish. — Global Animal

The Cleverness Of The Apes (GALLERY)

(GREAT APES/ANIMAL SCIENCE) In "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," experiments with genetic engineering lead to an incredibly intelligent species of ape. In reality, these non-human primates are in fact very smart and have better, faster memories than humans. Check out these pictures documenting milestones in great ape intelligence: Chimpanzees make and use tools, gorillas use American Sign Language (ASL), bonobos understand spoken language and syntax, orangutans communicate by attaching meaning to arbitrary symbols and making logical, thoughtful choices, and more. — Global Animal

LA’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon To Benefit ASPCA

(ANIMAL FUNDRAISER) LOS ANGELES — The ASPCA has been named the benefiting charity for the 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon, which will take place on October 30th. The ASPCA will donate $250,000 to local animal shelters and animal rescue groups. Get more information and sign up here. — Global Animal

How Vampire Bats Detect Heat In Prey (VIDEO)

(BATS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco have finally discovered exactly how vampire bats locate prey. Similar to some snakes, the vampire bat has finely-tuned heat sensors in its face that can detect body heat. Vampire bats are able to zone in on specific areas where the blood is closest to the skin (thus, easiest to get to). The vampire bat is the only warm-blooded mammal known to use this method of seeking prey.  — Global Animal

Circus Elephant Collapses After Performance (VIDEO)

(TAKE ACTION) CALIFORNIA — Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus' performing elephant, Sarah, collapsed to the ground in front of a small crowd of animal lovers in Anaheim, California. While the circus claims it was only a stumble, Sarah's health may be compromised. Read the full story and find out how you  can help save Sarah and many other abused circus animals. — Global Animal

Minnesota’s Mystery “Monster”

(UNKNOWN SPECIES) MINNESOTA — A strange animal was found dead on the side of the road in Minnesota. Scientists and laymen alike are baffled by the animal's appearance — a cross between a dog, badger, and wolf. The "human-like" animal is causing a stir amongst conspiracy theorists across America, and everyone's wondering where the inexplicably odd animal came from. — Global Animal

One In Five Mammal Species At Risk Of Extinction

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/MAMMALS) A new study shows that 20 percent of the nearly 5,500 mammalian species are at risk of extinction. Hunting and expanding agriculture are the main dangers to these animals, so it is in fact people who are causing this devastating loss. Find out which mammals are in danger, which animals are already gone forever, and which species have been rescued from the brink of extinction. — Global Animal