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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Dog Humor: A Very Clever Dog

(PET HUMOR) Ever heard of a dog getting the groceries? Here's a bit of pet humor that'll have you and your animal- loving friends laughing like hyenas. — Global Animal

Orangutan Displays Human-Like Behavior (VIDEO)

(ORANGUTAN) JAPAN — On a hot day in the Japan Tama Zoo, a overheated orangutan uses a wash cloth to cool himself.  Astonishingly, this human mannerism was not taught and is an example of this species' brilliance.  Read on for more about this animals amazing similarities to humans.

PETA’s Porn Plans: Brilliant Or Brainless?

(ANIMAL WELFARE/POLL) PETA is known for using controversial methods to help animals. From anti-fur ads with naked celebrities to scantily clad women supporting veganism, PETA has always pushed the envelope. But this year PETA has announced their intention to create a XXX porn site to raise awareness of veganism. Is this a clever new marketing strategy, or will the message be lost in the medium? Read on to find out how PETA plans for porn to promote veganism, then tell us what you think in our poll and in the comments! — Global Animal

Fishing Gear Enhanced To Save Sea Life

(FISHING) EAST COAST — Marine biologists and local fisherman have teamed together to make commercial fishing safe for threatened marine animals.  Bycatch, a huge issue within the fishing world, has claimed the life of countless sea creatures. To reduce the amount of unintentional casualties, new hooks, nets, and noise technology are being implemented into the fishing industry.  Read on fore more good news on the issue.

Wild Chimps in Africa Deactivate Snares Used By Hunters

Zoo Animals Feel Quake First

(ZOO ANIMALS/EARTHQUAKE) NORTHEAST UNITED STATES — 15 minutes before the largest earthquake the east coast has seen in 67 years, the animals of the Washington National Zoo were raising their alarm. Ducks, flamingos, orangutans, and other animals with an acute sense of their surroundings huddled together, dashed for safety, and let out warning calls. Though the quake was faint and only recorded with a magnitude of 5.8, tremors were felt and these animals were the first on the scene. Read on to learn how these animals sensed what was coming. — Global Animal

Global Animal’s New Look, Plus Social Networking!

(MEDIA) – Global Animal will be offline for 24 hours, starting around noon Wednesday, Pacific Standard Time. Please forgive our down time as we launch the new Global Animal.

Global Animal Foundation Fundraiser At Veggie Grill

(GLOBAL ANIMAL FOUNDATION) Mark your calendars! Tuesday, August 23, 2011, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. the Veggie Grill in Santa Monica is hosting a fundraiser for the Global Animal Foundation. The Veggie Grill will donate 50 percent of the profits to Global Animal Foundation from anyone who presents a flyer. The best part of this deal? Not only will you help support animals in need and get a delicious vegetarian meal, but it won't cost you any extra money. So print out a copy of the flyer, and come on down for dinner to the Veggie Grill at 2025 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA on August 23rd! — Global Animal

Kids And Pets, Best Friends Forever

(ANIMAL PHOTOS) It's undeniable that pictures of kids or pets are adorable, but when you have pictures of kids and pets it's almost impossible to not say "awwww." Check out these wonderful photos of the friendship between child and animal. And just try not to smile, we dare you. — Global Animal

Mountain Gorilla Killers Get Token Punishment

(ENDANGERED MOUNTAIN GORILLAS) UGANDA — Without direct evidence linking the killing of a mountain gorilla to three poachers, the men associated with the crime were fined only about 18 to 37 U.S. dollars. Animal advocates, including the Uganda Wildlife Authority, are outraged, especially since there are only about 780 mountain gorillas remaining in the wild.

Are Animals Smarter Than People?

(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE) — Are animals smarter than people? Maybe.  Research says that animals rival humans in cognitive processing of social etiquette, survival, and even logic.  Read on and see how this can be.  Chimps, birds, and even sheep seem to have the upper hand.

Cockatoos To Be Protected

(ENDANGERED PARROTS) WASHINGTON DC — The Philippine, Yellow Crested, and White Cockatoo will be placed on the endangered species list, which will protect them from illegal poaching and trade. This is great news since their population began decreasing years ago. Learn more about these amazing birds and their will to survive. — Global Animal
Mama Bear and Baby

Diversionary Food Sites For Bears Save Lives

(BLACK BEARS) MINNESOTA — Rather than weapons, diversionary food sites could be used to minimize bear-people interaction, research says. These sites would keep black bears preoccupied with loads of food and eliminate the need for them to go near humans. Less interaction will result in less bears dying. Read on for more regarding diversionary food sites and their effectiveness. — Global Animal

Police Seize 697 Cats From Florida Couple

(HOARDING/CATS) FLORIDA — Almost 700 cats were seized from Penny and Steve Lefkowitz, who had been hoarding the poor animals at their shelter. The cats were extremely malnourished and 100 of them had to be put down due to extreme health concerns. The couple is charged with 47 counts of animal cruelty, though they claim they were only trying to help stray cats. Read on for more on this extreme case of animal hoarding. — Global Animal

Sacred Dolphin Nearly Extinct

(IRRAWADDY DOLPHINS) SOUTHEAST ASIA — The sacred Irrawaddy dolphin is nearly extinct with only 85 individuals remaining in one of three existing populations. With the combined threat of gill net entanglement and high calf mortality rates, joint conservation efforts between Cambodia and Laos are essential to save this critically endangered species. — Global Animal