(ZOO ANIMAL NEWS) LIBYA — The Tripoli Zoo was abandoned during fighting in Libya’s capital last week. Left to fend for themselves during the chaos, the zoo animals weren’t given food or water for seven days. Although the fighting has ended, the animals are still in crisis. With low resources and few workers, the animals aren’t getting enough food. What’s worse: there is almost no fresh water, and in the sweltering summer heat of Northern Africa, fresh water is a necessity for survival. Read on for more information and a video detailing the plight of these zoo animals. Through Global Animal Foundation, the nonprofit charity arm of Global Animal, we are currently searching for organizations on the ground and effective ways to take action. Please keep checking back to see what you can do to help these animals in need. — Global Animal


The residents of zoos are often the first to be neglected when cities are hit by man-made or natural disasters.

CNN Senior International Correspondent Nic Robertson discovered a dire situation Tuesday at the Tripoli Zoo, struggling to function as a nationwide conflict rages around it.

Robertson found the gates locked and was told the zoo was under renovation — that there were no animals there.

But a big cat’s roar told a different story, and Robertson followed the sound — underscored by the echo of gunfire in the distance — to find enclosures holding a tiger, lions, giant tortoises, hippos, hyenas, bears, monkeys, deer, emus and more.

Hippos Suffering from lack of water in Libya's Tripoli zoo.

All the animals appeared undernourished and struggling as they waited for food and for water where there was little or none to be found.

A tiger, loose skin hanging on its frame, prowled its enclosure when it sensed visitors.

“Just looking at him, you can see how thin he is in the way he is walking — those back thighs, they’re so skinny,” Robertson said of the big cat.

“There’s no one here to tell us how often they’re being fed or how much they’re getting fed,” Robertson said as he walked the deserted grounds. “We don’t even know if there’s a vet here to take care of them.”

During the CNN visit, the zookeeper arrived and explained that for seven days amid the turmoil of conflict in Tripoli, the animals got nothing. Now 10 of the 200-person staff have returned and are trying to feed all the animals.

The big cats get only half of what they need. And all the animals languish with one essential in very short supply.

“Water is these animals’ most pressing need,” Robertson said. “And it seems without help in these sweltering temperatures, all the animals here will continue to suffer.”

More CNN: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/africa/08/30/libya.tripoli.zoo/

To donate to help provide water, food, and care for the Tripoli Zoo Animals: Global Animal Foundation





  1. My heart is breaking for these voiceless animals. How can we get food and precious life giving water to them? Like yesterday??? This is tragic and most disturbing.
    Can HSI assist? (Humane Society International) By the time we wait for paperwork to clear, these beautiful creatures will be dead.
    How much money is needed to truck in or drop water and food? Is this even a possibility?

  2. We have contacted several organizations that work around the world to rescue animals from situations like these. We are doing everything we can to find a way to get supplies to the animals.
    At the moment all we can do is get the word out to as many people as possible so these animals cannot be ignored. If we all rally together behind this cause, we can make a difference in the lives of these animals.

    — Samantha Ellis, Writer/Editor, Global Animal

  3. I shared this atrocity on my FaceBook Page. What animal rights organizations wordwide like PETA…. can we get involved to aid these Tripoli Libyan zoo animals that are the war’s true innocent victims? We need contacts whom can open doors to the likes of celebrities like Oprah or Madeline Picken’s ( T. Boone Picken’s wife) whom have money & influence to take this call to action immediately.

  4. There seems to be enough people on this forum that are taking the story of the Forgotten Animals at the Tripoli Zoo serious. Please lets get together and see what we can do, I have made calls to Zoos regarging the taking of Animals but they seem to all send me to the American Zoological Association. Now that Global Animal is involved please get us information needed to spread the word and how we can help. Let’s make a difference today and do something positive for the creatures of our Planet. With numbers everything is possible.

  5.  Please find some way to help them. We cage them so we can learn from them, and what do we teach them..pain and suffering. I realize this is a violent situation for the people, but these animals are in cages forever because man put them there, so man is responsible for their well being. Please don’t make them suffer any longer.