Tree frogs are extremely sensitive to environmental changes.

Global Animal will be offline for 24 hours, starting around noon today, Pacific Standard Time. Please forgive our down time as we launch the new Global Animal.

The good news is we’ve been working behind the scenes the last two months to create a site that is more streamlined and functional, with a whole new look. We’ve taken your suggestions that you want ways to reach out to other readers to form groups, send messages to each other, and create full profiles.

So we’ve created the Global Animal Network, allowing readers to Meet, Mingle, and Mobilize worldwide. Now, when you want to meet to a fellow reader, mingle in a discussion group or mobilize a protest (or an “I love kittens” group), you can do it all at The first step is to create a profile right from the front page. You are also be able to create a personalized avatar that travels with you as you comment and social network throughout the site.

We’ve chosen a tree frog as our logo and mascot because they are the ‘canaries in the coal mine’ of environmental change. And you can’t separate what’s happening to the animals of the world from what’s happening to their habitats. Our goal is to create a place where the animal lovers of the world can, meet, mingle and mobilize, sharing a vision of animals that is celebratory rather than exploitive.

We look forward to launching the new Global Animal within 24 hours and hearing your comments and feedback!

The Global Animal Team.