(ANIMAL WELFARE) LONDON — The photograph below captures the evacuation of several animals from a pet shop on London’s Tottenham High Road. This scene has caused quite a stir among animal activists and animal lovers around the world.

This highly-circulated picture shows small animals being evacuated from a London pet store during riots. Photo credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The animals were in danger with the shop so close to the fierce riots, which began during a protest for the death of Mark Duggan, who was shot during an attempted arrest by police. While there isn’t much information on this particular pet store, it appears the animals have been taken somewhere safe. Bless the care and love shown by these people for their small charges – the best of human nature rising up against the worst.

The riots have been going on for several days now, inciting copycat violence and looting in London, Bristol, and Liverpool. One human life has already been lost as a result of the violence. We sincerely hope no further lives, human or animal, are victimized during this dark time. — Global Animal