Bianca M. Caraza, Global Animal

(MOVIES / ANIMAL PICTURES) This week, J.K. Rowling is releasing some registration slots to a small percentage of Harry Potter’s most devoted fans for her new fanbase website, Pottermore. Every lover of Harry Potter has been logged on into the wee hours of the morning, waiting for the day’s mysterious clue to appear and lead to the magic quill (the magic quill records the names of talented witches and wizards, and registers the lucky fans onto the site). While their human friends sleep snugly, these dedicated animals show their love and appreciation for the magical book series by staying up late to find that quill!

"CTRL+R, CTRL+R, CTRL+R! This is more exhausting than that brush with Devil's Snare." Photo Credit: Flickr
Brandon laments the loss of feeling in his eyes as nargles swarm his tired brain. Photo Credit:
Pongo's online buddies envy his opposable thumbs, but this will do nothing to lessen his wait. Photo Credit: Our Funny Planet
"I think maybe that calming draught worked a little too well..." Photo Credit: Our Funny Planet
"Don't you dare blink, Henry. Don't even think about it." Photo Credit: Our Funny Planet
Joseph attempts to hide his mounting frustration with levitating his quill and Harry Potter obsession from his sleeping, anti-witchcraft mother. Photo Credit: Our Funny Planet
"I see the quill, I see the quill! Wingardium Leviosa! Why isn't this working?!" Photo Credit: Our Funny Planet
"I can't remember the final quidditch score in Prisoner of Azkaban! What kind of a fan am I? The shame! Quick, get the book!" Photo Credit: Our Funny Planet
Too much milk in that coffee. Better luck next time, Molly. Photo Credit: Photobucket




  1. This was very funny 🙂 But just to clear things up, it’s Wrackspurts that swarm your brain. Nargles steal your belongings! It’s alright, it’s a common mistake which we dealt with in the latest issue of the Quibbler…oh, you don’t read the Quibbler? Oh..okay. Thats alright.