(WILDLIFE) NEW ZEALAND — Remember Happy Feet, the penguin who drifted away from his pack in Antarctica only to be found in New Zealand? After washing up on the New Zealand shore a couple of months ago, the youngster’s future looked bleak. However, Happy Feet is now set to return home in the coming weeks. A big thanks to the staff at Wellington Zoo and those rallying for Happy Feet’s recovery. Read on for the full scoop on the penguin’s recovery and scheduled return home. — Global Animal

Happy should be ready to return home in the coming weeks. Photo Credit: AP


Staff at Wellington zoo said results of an X-ray and blood test showed “Happy Feet”, as it has been named, is fine after endoscopic surgery.

The penguin was found on Peka Peka beach, about 60km (37 miles) north of Wellington – some 3,000km from its home in Antarctica.

Experts had been reluctant to intervene as the bird appeared to be healthy.

However, it later grew lethargic and was operated on to remove sand from its stomach.

A Zoo spokeswoman, Kate Baker, said the penguin has gained about 4kg (9lb).

It was given a first swim at the zoo earlier this week, in salt water that was cooled to below 0C (32F).

Crowds have been flocking to the zoo to see the bird – the first such arrival of an Emperor penguin in New Zealand in at least 44 years.

The bird’s plight has attracted worldwide attention.

Hundreds of people had gathered to watch a leading gastroenterologist from Wellington Hospital perform the endoscopy on the bird at the zoo in late June.

To help it feel more at home, the penguin is being kept in a room chilled to about 8C. There is a bed of ice for it to sleep on.

Zoo staff said the bird would probably be released offshore from the south end of the country early next month.


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