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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Tripoli’s Zoo Animals Abandoned During Libya’s Conflict (VIDEO)

(ZOO ANIMAL NEWS) LIBYA — The Tripoli Zoo was abandoned during fighting in Libya's capital last week. Left to fend for themselves during the chaos, the zoo animals went without food and water for seven days. Although the fighting has ended, the animals remain in crisis. With low resources and few workers, the animals aren't getting enough food. What's worse: there is almost no fresh water, and in the sweltering summer heat of Northern Africa, fresh water is a necessity for survival. Read on for more information and a video detailing the plight of these zoo animals. Through Global Animal Foundation, the nonprofit charity arm of Global Animal, we are currently searching for organizations on the ground and effective ways to take action. Please keep checking back to see what you can do to help these animals in need. — Global Animal

Should You Feed Ducks Bread?

(DUCKS) Feeding the ducks has long been considered a fun family activity that is a good way to introduce children to the wonders of animals, but could that bread you are feeding the birds actually be harmful for them? Find out what ducks should be eating. — Global Animal

Happy Feet Heading Home

(HAPPY FEET/ANIMAL VIDEO) NEW ZEALAND — Happy Feet, the lost emperor penguin stranded in New Zealand, has begun his journey back to the antarctic. His fans and caretakers at the Wellington Zoo are happy that the penguin has recovered enough to go home, but also sad to see the beloved penguin leave. Watch the video and read the article to learn more about the first leg of Happy Feet's trip home. — Global Animal

Lost Cat At JFK Airport Still Missing After 5 Days

(MISSING CAT) JFK AIRPORT, NEW YORK — On August 25, Karen Pascoe and her two cats checked in to American Airlines for a flight from John F. Kennedy airport to San Francisco. One of the cats, Jack, escaped into the baggage area during the preparations for Hurricane Irene. Jack is still missing, but thanks to animal lovers pressuring the airline on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, the search for the missing cat is underway. Read on for more about how Jack went missing, and what is being done to find him. — Global Animal

Goliath Lobster Saved, Kind Of

(GOLIATH LOBSTER) NEW YORK — Leroy, the 18-pound, 75-year-old Goliath lobster, was saved from being eaten and is now on display at the New York Aquarium. But why was he not released back into the wild? Learn more about the Goliath lobster's rescue and what his future holds. — Global Animal

Petition Sent To Save Four Skate Species

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) ATLANTIC OCEAN — A signed petition was recently sent to the National Marine Fisheries Service that calls for the protection of four skate species: the thorny skate, barndoor skate, winter skate, and smooth skate. Learn about these fish and the conservation efforts to save the skates. — Global Animal

Animal Shelters See Adoption Aid From Pet Stores

(PET CARE/ADOPTION) Sadly, with an economic recession plaguing the bank accounts of pet lovers, there has been an 18 percent increase in pet drop-offs and abandonment. Animal shelters have become overwhelmed with the excessive numbers and costs, and more pet lives are being lost to euthanasia. Fortunately, an answer to the problem has surfaced. ASPCA-approved pet stores are teaming with shelters to place abandoned pets, and the results have been extremely positive. Find out how these animals lives are being saved. — Global Animal

Would You Get Plastic Surgery Done On Your Pet? (POLL)

(PET PLASTIC SURGERY) — Pet plastic surgery is a practice that is growing in popularity amongst pet guardians. An increasing number of people are spending thousands on tummy tucks, nose jobs, face lifts, and fake silicon testicles for their pets.  But are the surgeries necessary? Read on and decide for yourself. — Global Animal

Update: Petition For Morgan’s Freedom

(TAKE ACTION) NETHERLANDS — After nearly dying and potentially being sold by her rehabilitation center, Morgan the orca is seeing progress toward freedom. Thanks to support from the Free Morgan Group, the Orca Coalition, and pressure from animal advocates, Morgan has been moved into a larger tank where she has contact with other mammals, and can see freedom on the horizon. Read the full story and sign the petition! — Global Animal

Dog Mourns Navy SEAL’s Passing At Funeral

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) When Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson died in the tragic helicopter crash on August 6, few were as affected by the loss as his dog, Hawkeye. The Labrador retriever mourned the passing of his friend at the funeral, lying by the coffin through the entire proceedings. Watch the heart-wrenching video of love and loyalty here. — Global Animal

Japan Dolphin Day: Protest The Slaughter In Taiji

(TAKE ACTION) JAPAN — Every year in Taiji thousands of dolphins are trapped in a cove. Some are sold to aquariums to live a life of imprisonment and slavery, but most are slaughtered. This year's hunt is scheduled to begin September 1st. Protest this event on Sept. 1 by participating in Japan Dolphin Day events or donating to Ric O'Barry's Save Japan Dolphins team. Find out how you can help save the dolphins here. — Global Animal

Hurricane Irene: Protecting Farm Animals During Disaster

(HURRICANE IRENE/FARM ANIMAL SAFETY) Due to their great sizes, many farm animals, such as horses, need special arrangements when a natural disaster such as Hurricane Irene strikes. While many of the same measures used to care for household pets can be applied when caring for farm animals, here are some additional tips to help keep cows, hens, and our other farm friends safe. — Global Animal

Hurricane Irene: Protecting Horses During Disaster

(HURRICANE IRENE/HORSE SAFETY) — While caring for cats and dogs during Hurricane Irene seems manageable, more elaborate preparations must be made in order to ensure the safety of horses. Due to their sizes, horses cannot be simply evacuated; however, they also cannot stay put with the storm approaching. Read on to learn the Human Society's advice on how to keep your horse safe during the hurricane watch and other emergencies. — Global Animal

Celebrity Vegans And Vegetarians

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN LIFESTYLE) Bill Clinton's recent switch from fast-food junkie to vegan delighted animal lovers. But Bill isn't the only celebrity to have made the compassionate transition. Read on to find out who is getting healthy and saving the animals, one meal at a time. — Global Animal