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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Party Cure: Top 10 Vegan Hangover Foods

(CULTURE) – Vegetarians and vegans drink and get hangovers and need hangover cures too, despite the common misconception that vegans, by virtue of our dietary restrictions, have no fun. This is false; sometimes, we get carried away and have far too much fun for our own good and need to cure a hangover! If this is one of "those mornings" for you, whether you're craving mild, healing food or greasy goodness, fear not, for here we have a delicious list of herbivore-approved comfort foods to ease your shaky self. — Global Animal

Facebook Event: Dolphin Rescue

(ANIMAL RESCUE) CANADA — Four white-sided dolphins were stranded on Vancouver Island when the tide went out. Luckily, two men spotted the trapped animals and organized 80 people into a rescue mission using the radio, Facebook, and Twitter. Once again, social media brought people together to save animals. Read the rest of the heroic story here. — Global Animal

The Science Of Song: Birds & Grammar

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) A new study has revealed that humans aren't the only ones to use grammar in speech. Songbirds seem to have their own patterns when it comes to chirping. — Global Animal

NFL Player Admits To Using Deer Antler

NEW ORLEANS (FOOTBALL DRUG ABUSE) — During the NFL lockout, the Saints fullback, Heath Evans, admits to using The Ultimate Spray made from deer antler. The performance enhancing drug contains a substance banned by the NFL.

Florida’s Sea Monster: Elusive Giant Squid Makes Final Appearance

(OCEAN CONSERVATION) This Monday, a few recreational fisherman found a dying giant squid floating in the shallows off Florida's coast. Read on for the story on the elusive giant squid. — Global Animal

Update: Australian Camel Crisis

(WILDLIFE/ ANIMAL RIGHTS) Australia has proposed a single, tidy solution of both an enlarged camel population and global warming — a complete slaughter of camels in exchange for carbon credits. Take action now and sign an online petition to stop the killing of a million innocent camels. — Global Animal

Pets Party For Canada Day (PHOTO GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PHOTOS) CANADA— It's July 1st, and that means it's Canada Day. Even animals are celebrating with a birthday party. Check out the adorable photos of these patriotic pets and wildlife. Happy Birthday, Canada!— Global Animal

Pet Turtles: Dangerous For You, Environment

(PETS/TURTLES) The idea of caring for a tiny pet turtle may seem appealing, but before you run out and get a turtle, consider the risks and difficulties that come with caring for the reptile. Read on to discover why the Humane Society, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the law recommend choosing a different pet. — Global Animal

Pollution: Sea Turtle Dies After Swallowing 317 Pieces Of Plastic

(SEA TURTLES) AUSTRALIA – Plastic bags, lids and even lollipop sticks were among 317 pieces of plastic found in the digestive system of a green sea turtle. This tragic sea turtle death demonstrates the human impact on oceans. – Global Animal