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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Polar Bears Forced To Swim Deadly Distances

(ENDANGERED ANIMALS) As ice melts in the Arctic sea, polar bears are forced to risk their lives travelling farther distances in search of food and stable habitats. Many of the bears drown, especially cubs. Research conducted by members of WWF's Arctic Program and the U.S. Geological Survey's Alaska Science Center reveals an increase in both long-distance swimming by polar bears and polar bear cub drownings associated with climate change and global warming. — Global Animal

Second Chance For Dogs Who Ate Their Guardian

(ANIMAL NEWS/PET ADOPTION) CANADA — After being left to fend for themselves for three weeks, seven dogs were found having eaten one of their deceased guardians. All of the dogs passed health and behavior evaluations, and have been given new, caring homes through adoption. — Global Animal

Dancing Dog Has To Boogie

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This dreaming dog surprises us all as he stands up and dances like a... human? — Global Animal

S.O.S. Save Sea Shepherd’s Ship (TAKE ACTION)

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/TAKE ACTION) Sea Shepherd's flagship, the Steve Irwin, has been detained and the crew needs your help to free their ship! Take action and answer Sea Shepherd's S.O.S. by donating funds to help pay the bond so they can continue rescuing and protecting endangered whales and other marine life.  — Global Animal

Owl Gives Resident New Window Design

(OWLS) ENGLAND — A Cumbria resident found an owl imprint on one of her house windows. It appears as though the owl flew into the window, leaving its silhouette. The marking came from a protective powder present in owl feathers. Experts believe the owl was not seriously harmed. — Global Animal

‘Guardian’ Instead Of ‘Owner’ For 18 US Cities

(PET WELFARE/VIDEO) UNITED STATES — An Ohio city joins 17 other U.S. cities in officially replacing the term "owner" with "guardian" to reduce animal abuse, animal cruelty, and other animal-related problems by emphasizing responsibility when caring for pets. — Global Animal

101 Dalmatians Story: UK Mother Has 16 Puppies (GALLERY)

(DALMATIAN PUPPIES/GALLERY) UNITED KINGDOM — Milly, one of 16 herself, recently gave birth to her own rare litter of 16 dalmatian puppies. Check out these adorable pups! — Global Animal

Jaws V: Revenge On Martha’s Vineyard

(ANIMAL NEWS) MASSACHUSETTS — A large population of great white sharks is lurking in the waters near Martha's Vineyard in hope of a blubbery snack. Is the northeast set to experience a real life Jaws story this summer? — Global Animal

Geckos Killed For AIDS, Cancer Treatment

(ANIMAL WELFARE) PHILIPPINES — Geckos are reportedly exported to China, South Korea, and Malaysia, where they are killed to treat cancer and AIDS, among other ailments. Due to high demand, one gecko sells for over $1,000. Read about the risks involved with treatment, the scamming of this animal trade, and the fattening of geckos in captivity to increase their value. — Global Animal

Chihuahua Defeats Two Armed Robbers

(ANIMAL VIDEO) CALIFORNIA — Who needs weapons and security systems when you have a dog? When two heavily armed robbers invaded a local store, a chihuahua named Paco chased both felons from the shop. Watch Super Paco take on the two thieves below. — Global Animal

The Flight Of The Penguins

(PENGUINS) — Can penguins fly? Yes, in the form of jumping; they leap to safety in order to evade sea predators. Penguins possess unique abilities in the animal kingdom as they can both swim and get airborne. A recent study shows that penguins lift off by creating a bubble layer, a process similar to those used by ships and torpedoes.

Stash Of Ivory Set To Be Burned

(ELEPHANTS) AFRICA — An African coalition led by Kenya is set to burn 10,950 pounds of elephant tusks. In an effort to stop illegal animal trade and sales, the burning will hopefully put an end to the ivory trade.

Pro-Whaling Countries Delay Sanctuary Vote

(ENDANGERED ANIMALS/WHALES) — The International Whaling Commission's meeting was a failure. The vote to establish a whale sanctuary was delayed until next year as pro-whaling representatives left the meeting to prevent a vote. Bickering forced the conference into gridlock.

Rare He-She Butterfly Is Asymmetrical

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) ENGLAND — A rare dual-sex butterfly has hatched at London's Natural History Museum. The asymmetrical creature, called a gynandromorph, is half male and half female. Discover which other creatures experience sexual chimeras. — Global Animal