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How You Can Help Stray Animals

(PET CARE) — Learn here how to help stray pets without having to provide a home. Due to pet overpopulation, many animals don't have quality homes. Nonprofit organizations help pets in need and educate the public. Read on to learn more tips on how to help stray animals.

Paris Loves Hers, But Is A Pet Pig Right For You?

(PET CARE) With their adorable looks and appealing personalities, potbellied pigs have long been popular pets for many decidedly un-farmlike types, such as Paris Hilton and George Clooney. The potbellied pig has become a trendy pet, but before you bring a little piggy wee-wee-wee all the way home, there are many issues to consider. Check out this full-disclosure article about  living with a pig and pet pig care, written by someone with plenty of experience with pigs. — Global Animal

Three Woofs For The Home Team

(DOG PICTURES) CALIFORNIA — The Oakland Athletics hosted Dog Day at the Park, allowing fans to bring their dogs to the ballpark. Many other MLB teams are also hosting promotional dog days. The dogs wear team gear and are able to walk on the field and win prizes. -- Global Animal

The High Cost Of Beauty: It’s For The Birds

(BIRDS) Birds with the brightest feathers may look beautiful, but they go on to become poor fliers according to a new study.

Mighty Mouse: New Poison-Resistant Species

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Scientists discovered a new mutated species of mouse in Europe resistant to a popular type of rodent poison. The species is being studied not just for its surprising superpower-like properties, but for what its appearance may mean on an evolutionary scale. — Global Animal

Whooping Crane Unable To ‘Whoop’

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) WASHINGTON D.C. — The National Zoo's first whooping crane in almost 90 years is unable to 'whoop.' Despite this setback, the bird is healthy and happens to be calm and non-aggressive, unlike most other cranes. Read about this bachelor's musical taste, his unsuccessful attempt at love, and how dancing with a zoo keeper may inspire a 'whooping' reaction from the silent creature. — Global Animal

Austrians Stare At Storks To Clear Runways

(WILDLIFE) AUSTRIA — A group of 27 storks flocked to Zeltweg, Austria just in time for a military airshow and could not be lured away. The Austrian army used an innovative tactic — staring — to safely clear  the air. — Global Animal

Dog Nips Shark, Both Fine

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Some clever dogs can swim, some talented dogs can even surf, but have you ever heard of a dog that rode a shark and then took a bite? Watch this amazing pup wrangle a shark and catch some waves. — Global Animal

Help Shut Down Abusive Animal Farm (TAKE ACTION)

(ZOO ANIMAL WELFARE/TAKE ACTION) CANADA — Guzoo Animal Farm in Three Hills, Alberta, has abused animals for years. Zoocheck Canada led a campaign against the facility, causing the farm to lose its zoo license. However, the farm remains in operation with 180 animals. Sign the petition to help shut down the facility for good!

Orphaned Grizzly Cubs Find New Home

(BABY ANIMAL PICTURES) OHIO — Two orphaned grizzly bear cubs have found a new home at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The Montana-native bears lost their mother when she was shot in self-defense by a deer hunter. — Global Animal

Nurse Cares For Elderly, Special Needs Animals

(ANIMAL CARE) CANADA — Carol Hine, a nurse for both people and animals, cares for elderly and special needs animals at SAINTS in Vancouver, British Columbia. Many shelters will not care for pets in such debilitating conditions; however, Carol cares for animals regardless of their health needs. — Global Animal

Bulgarian Groups Help Abused Strays

(ANIMAL WELFARE) BULGARIA — The Eastern European country's stray animal population is out of control. The typical "solution" for reducing the number of homeless cats and dogs is slaughtering the innocent animals. Animal welfare has fallen by the wayside, and animal abuse is prevalent. Luckily, several groups are working to solve the overpopulation problem through humane efforts, like adopting animals to loving homes in other countries and implementing plans to spay and neuter the stray animals. Read on to learn more about the situation in Bulgaria and to find out how you can help. — Global Animal

A Pictorial History Of Dogs (GALLERY)

(CULTURE/DOG PHOTOS) ENGLAND —  A photo collection at the Kennel Club Art Gallery in London shows the history of dogs. The exhibit, titled "Photography Going to the Dogs" features dog pictures from the 1850s through the 1950s. — Global Animal

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Michael Vick Supports Anti-Animal Fighting Bill

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) WASHINGTON D.C. — A new bill being introduced that would make animal fighting a felony is supported by football star Michael Vick, who reveals a disturbing past with animal fighting and a burning desire to right past wrongs. — Global Animal