Neiman Marcus: Fur, Cruelty In Fall Catalog (TAKE ACTION)

Beyond the usual high-end offenders such as lambskin and fox fur, this edition of Neiman Marcus' "The Book" features disturbing exotics, such as this one. That Valentino purse is made of antelope skin from Namibia, and costs $2,575.

Elizabeth Neville, Global Animal

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

The fashion industry loves to shock and surprise. Unfortunately, with sickening phrases such as, “Fur, fur, and more fur! It’s a must for your fall wardrobe,” smeared across the pages of their fall catalog, Neiman Marcus has added a new level of nasty to the classic shock factor. Not only do they simply feature items containing fur and animal skins — they promote the purchase of the materials themselves.

Valentino Antelope purse: Stop Neiman Marcus from selling, promoting fur.
Beyond the usual high-end offenders such as calfskin and shearling, this edition of Neiman Marcus' "The Book" features disturbing exotics, such as this Valentino purse. It is made of antelope skin from Namibia, and is priced at a staggering $2,575.
Wearing leather does send a message, but whether on the runway or in the everyday, it is not a kind message to send.

Our cave-dwelling ancestors did not have much of an option when it came to covering themselves.

Sign the petition to tell the Neiman Marcus president to stop the promotion and sale of fur.

Thankfully, times have changed, and common folk and fashionistas alike are now presented with a multitude of compassionate textiles; items of “Neanderthal Chic” (clothing materials, such as leather and fur, which revert the wearer to a less evolved look) are no longer an insulation requirement.

However, one particular section of Neiman Marcus’ Fall Catalog, titled “Natural Selection,” is pure, unapologetic, in-your-face Neanderthal Chic. Not only does it feature leather and fur items, it makes a point of promoting them as a “natural” and “indulgent” thing to wear…



...but is it natural to spend $5,250 on a (stupid-looking) vest made of dead fox? Apparently it is for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the designers of this piece, as evidenced by their new, slaughter-heavy clothing line, called "The Row." Clueless cruelty.
However, given their recent style decisions, this isn't terribly surprising behavior from the Olsens. Here, Ashley Olsen is photographed carrying another disturbing item from The Row: a backpack from made from crocodile skin, which costs $39,000. Tasteless and heartless, and completely out of touch with what's happening in the world, both economically and environmentally. Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Even for the most discerning aesthetics-lover, faux fur and leather products are now so well-engineered that killing animals for their skin is archaic and obsolete. Evidenced by style goddesses such as Stella McCartney and Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture, “frumpy” vegan footwear and clothing are things of the past. As such, it is especially disturbing when fashion entities, such as Neiman Marcus, encourage consumers to contribute their hard-earned money specifically to the cause of unnecessary slaughter.

Boycott Neiman Marcus; Neiman Marcus Fall Catalog is full of fur, animal slaughter
A froth of fur? More like a doughnut of fox-death.
Coyote Fur Vest in Neiman Marcus Catalog
Another fur vest, but this one is made of yet another canine: the coyote, cousin of the domestic dog. Cruella DeVille, much?

Though governing bodies have attempted to implement regulations regarding the treatment of animals raised on fur farms, it is common knowledge that the thousands of living creatures who die for fashion are not always treated humanely. Especially in countries where regulations do not exist at all, animals are frequently kept in horrific conditions and then skinned alive. However, no matter the regulatory standards there is no such thing as “green” or “ethical” fur. The greater issue here is not the conditions these innocent animals face before slaughter; it is that they are being slaughtered at all, an unnecessary waste of  life.



Would you pay $3,995 to carry a dead python around?

If you are saddened and outraged by Neiman Marcus’ pro-killing propaganda, please consider signing this petition to send in a letter to Neiman Marcus’ president to demand a stop to the sale and promotion of fur.

If you are blessed enough to possess the sort of cash it takes to purchase these dead-animal items, please consider spending it elsewhere — perhaps on equally “chic,” cruelty-free fashion. As consumers in a capitalist economy, where we choose to spend our money does make an audible statement; with enough voices, a boycott can be well-heard. Until Neanderthal Chic is no longer promoted by Neiman Marcus, please boycott their merchandise. The animals will thank you.

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