(PETS / ANIMAL HEALTH CARE) UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Probably the only animal clinic of its kind in the world, Health Balance is a luxury animal health center where alternative medicine is developed and unconventional methods are used to treat all types of animals. With modern and futuristic architecture, the center offers spacious stables, large pools, and private gardens to its guests. The animals participate in several types of rehabilitation therapy, through which they are able to release negative energy and self-heal. Find out how the center’s founders are curing animals and humans alike with their “Manimal Balance” theory, and check out the pictures on Alberto Bernasconi’s website from his visit to the center. — Global Animal


Alberto Bernasconi visits Health Balance in Switzerland. Photo credit: Alberto Bernasconi

The Peak Magazine, Alberto Bernasconi

A goldfish smitten with electrosmog. A rescue dog paralysed by stress. A ferret sick from neglect. All cured with unusual methods that sound wacky – but work. Alberto Bernasconi visits Health Balance, a luxury animal health centre in Switzerland.

The goldfish swims lazily between the fronds of fake seaweed, closely watched by medical staff. “When he came in, his movements were all wrong. He swam crookedly, he was almost upside down,” explains one of them, clearly pleased. It turns out that the finned tyke suffers from “electrosmog” poisoning. That’s no ordinary complaint – but then, all thoughts of what’s normal go out the door at Health Balance, an alternative health centre for sick animals in Uzwil, a township in the green hills of St Gallen canton in north-eastern Switzerland.

To diagnose the cause of the goldfish’s suffering, Urs Buehler, 59 – founder of the clinic, kinesiologist, eminent local industrialist and billionaire – simply asked it, using his ever-present dowsing rod. Marisa Polanec, Buehler’s companion in life and work, does one better. The blonde Austrian talks directly to animals – no rod needed. “There’s nothing esoteric or supernatural about it,” she says. “I tune myself to the animal’s communication frequency, just as you might tune a radio to your favourite station.”

You’d laugh if it wasn’t for the fact that the goldfish, after just 24 hours of therapy, started swimming normally again, apparently cured. To treat it, they tell me, all they needed was a small device called an Optimizer 25 – it can be used on animals or people – which cancels out the disturbing effects of electromagnetic pollution. Made by Health Balance, it’s yours for a mere 989 Swiss francs (S$1,400).

Buehler is anxious to emphasise that his is not a luxury clinic, but a health centre for animals – probably the only one of its kind in the world – as well as a platform for developing alternative medicine. It’s some platform. Covering 7.8ha – about the size of 10 soccer fields – the five-million-euro centre’s modern architecture was designed according to the principles of geobiology. There are therapeutic cupolas that convey energy and allow animals to self-heal; equipment for bioformation, global scaling or stimulation with sound waves and frequencies; pools big enough for even an adult cow to do a little “aquagym”; futuristic rooms with metal walls where dogs look at their reflections while being freed from negative energies; spacious stables and private gardens for horses; and breathtaking views of the hills.

In the evenings, horses are soothed with gentle classical music played on stereo hi-fi, while vets study their reactions via closed-circuit TV cameras so as not to disturb them. Five-star treatment, yes, but the prices are more akin to a bed-and-breakfast: Stables cost 51 euros for the first night and 35 euros for each subsequent night – meals and cuddles included. That’s why Viktor, the current Swiss champion horse with an aristocratic gaze, is here – not for treatment, but for a well-deserved holiday. “We try to promote prevention. But it’s not easy to get this idea across to people, let alone animals,” says Buehler, quite serious.

The centre usually treats four-legged patients – animals for whom conventional medicine has failed and the alternative option is a last resort. An owner’s conversion to kinesiology – or craniosacral therapy or homeopathy or acupuncture – invariably happens not long after. Buehler should know. A horse fanatic and former equestrian champion, he was told by vets in 1992 that his own horse, Sunrise Polo CH (Sunny to his friends), was not long for this world. Buehler’s dream of winning the Swiss championship – for which he had already qualified – was shattered, together with his hopes of saving Sunny.

But his hopes were rekindled, thanks to treatment by a specialist in radiosensitivity. Brought back from the brink, Sunny returned to competition for the next eight years. Still alive and kicking today, he has his very own stable at Uzwil. For Buehler, Sunny’s cure was a revelation.

Heaven knows what Fernando, a sweet-natured German shepherd, is thinking. He’s at Health Balance to treat excessive emotionality. For four years, he’s been trying to pass exams to become a search-and-rescue dog, but nervousness dashes his hopes each time. “First rule: No metal collars. They reduce the dog’s aura,” pronounces Dr Andreas Rosti, using one hand to block one ear and the other to wave a mirror about. This is how he perceives the vital halo emanating from Fernando’s body.

There follows a thorough check-up with vials, lighting effects and vigorous fondling of the happy-looking pooch. “Canine hepatitis, mercury poisoning,” the vet writes in the clinical record. Finally, a selenium injection in a lymph node. “If this doesn’t work, I’ll give you a check-up as well,” he tells Fernando’s owner.

“This is the heart of my ‘Manimal Balance’ theory,” he explains. “We don’t just treat the symptoms, but also the root of the problem. And often, the problem, psychological or physical, begins with the owner.” As a result, he often sees more bipeds than quadrupeds – and those who know him swear by him. Besides, Rosti – who, when hired by Health Balance, beat off stiff competition from 50 other candidates and also passed a test with Buehler’s dowsing rod – is an authority in his field.

He has carried out research on internal meridians for acupuncture; he holds seminars for academics here at Uzwil, at the university of Zurich and in Munich; and he has studied alternative medicine for 30 years. “It’s incredible how perfectly these philosophies fit together,” says the 59-year-old, expounding on the curative properties of yin and yang’s organic clock. “With these theories, we’re going where even Einstein never dreamed,” he adds. That the scientific community often reacts to holistic and alternative medicine with scepticism is not important. “This is the ideal place to apply my knowledge and work with other experts. In any case, I’ve got six years to pass on what I know. After that, I’m retiring to become an artist.”

The centre’s meeting room already contains some of Rosti’s paintings. “This one is called ‘The chicken’s egg came first’,” he explains, rattling off a list of physical formulas that demonstrate one of the basic concepts of the Global Scaling philosophy – that “the egg is a universal phenomenon, it’s where everything starts”. Unable to follow his physical-philosophical musings, I simply nod and take his word for it. As, probably, do many of the clinic’s clients. Some may see the centre as a “billionaire’s extravagance”, but many people from near and far willingly visit it.

“The centre’s objective is,” Buehler says philanthropically, “to at least be able, in a few years, to cover its costs.” Some say the clinic could be running at a profit as early as this year. Word of mouth has brought customers from across Europe and they are receiving requests from the Middle East to treat falcons and camels. In the meeting room, the map of the centre already has new buildings drawn on it and shows double the current area. And there’s an extra hill where more guests will soon be able to take care of body and soul – whether they have two legs or four.

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