Bianca M. Caraza, Global Animal

Dog catches some waves on a super scaly surfboard.

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Many strange species have formed unlikely friendships, and none more than the world’s most likable pets — dogs. Dogs have raised orphaned kittens, befriended dolphins, and even roughhoused with growing cheetahs. But this furry guy’s actions seem more like those of a sheep herding pup as he surprises humans and fish alike by bullying a couple of sharks. That’s right, sharks.

Whoever filmed helpfully provided his own flavorful commentary as he watched this courageous canine push around a few sharks minding their own business. For those of you worried about the dog, don’t, he’s fine. And those worried about the sharks, know that they’re thick-skinned creatures (literally) that hardly let themselves be taken advantage of. Watch  the below video to see one incredible dog jump on a moving shark like a scaly surfboard.