Samantha Ellis, Global Animal

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s flagship, the Steve Irwin, has been detained by United Kingdom courts because of a civil lawsuit brought against the group by Fish and Fish Limited (F & F). The Steve Irwin crew rescued endangered bluefin tuna from F & F nets in June 2010, and F & F is now claiming damages. In their defense, Sea Shepherd insists the fish were caught illegally — after the season closed, without an inspector on board, and without any legal paperwork. Sea Shepherd sees the silver lining of this lawsuit: “[it] gives us the opportunity to expose what we allege are illegal activities by F & F and we will aggressively defend the case on this basis.”

Help save Sea Shepherd's Flagship, the Steve Irwin, by donating to the S.O.S. Fund. Click the image to go to the donations page.

However, unless Sea Shepherd immediately posts a bond for over 1.4 million USD, the Steve Irwin will remain held or possibly be sold. They need our help to free their ship and continue saving endangered whales and other marine creatures. Sea Shepherd hopes to resume their current mission of protecting endangered pilot whales in the Faeroe Islands. From there they will once again sail to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to stop the Japanese whaling fleet.

Please join the effort to help Save Our Ship today! Sea Shepherd needs to raise $1,411,692.87 by next week — your gift is essential to saving endangered marine animals!

According to Captain Paul Watson, “Unless we get our ship back, a lot of whales will die tragic and needless deaths. Please help free the Steve Irwin so we can return to sea, doing what we do best — defending life in our oceans.”