(DALMATIAN PUPPIES/GALLERY) UNITED KINGDOM — Milly, one of 16 herself, recently gave birth to her own rare litter of 16 dalmatian puppies. Though Milly did not have the pups naturally, she did have one more than Perdita (aka Purdy) has in Disney’s “101 Dalmatians.” This unusually large litter brought the classic story to life, now they just need to go out on an adventure and meet the other 85 dalmatians! — Global Animal

The 16 dalmatian puppies. Photo credit: Huffington Post
UK dalmatian Milly with her puppies. Photo credit: Huffington Post
Guardian Lucy Elvins with the 16 dalmatian pups. Photo credit: Huffington Post
A few of the 16 dalmatian puppies - they're growing up fast! Photo credit: Huffington Post

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