BRITAIN (WILDLIFE GALLERIES) — While we dread the reports of prospective endangered animals and extinction, the British government gives us happy news pertaining to endangered species as the Brits plan to repopulate the countryside with animals who face extinction. Check out the amazing pictures of some of the animals expecting to soon flourish. In a world weary of bad news for animals, this is definitely a step in the right direction! — Global Animal

Beavers are often the target of hunters. Photo Credit: A. Good/Rex Features
Beavers, recently reintroduced into Scotland, expect to flourish in England and Wales. Photo Credit: Lewis Durham/Rex Features
Photo Credit: Kent New & Picture/Corbis
Extinct in the UK by 1975, these butterflies were reintroduced in 2000. Photo Credit: Emma Daniel/PA
Photo Credit: David Tipling/NPL/Rex Features
Once endangered, these boars habitat southeast England. Photo Credit: Solent News/Rex Features
Bustards, once hunted to extinction in the UK, were reintroduced in 2004. Photo Credit: Erich Kuchling/Rex Features
Female bustard lays eggs. Photo Credit: HO/AFP


White-tailed eagles hope to soon soar the British skies. Photo Credit: RSPB
The Eurasian lynx’s future looks promising. Photo Credit: Ronald Wittek/Corbis
The UK expects to reintroduce wolves. Photo Credit: Corbis




  1. Best of luck to this effort to re-balance the UK environment. Maybe Ireland will get some nonvenomous snakes? Maybe the local people living there will get good input on who they will have as wildlife neighbours? Or maybe the idiot government will just dump a bunch of critters and expect the locals to deal with the panicked or non-native marauders coursing through their neighbourhoods – they will, I hear cricket bats and slingshots are very effective. Either do it right, or save the effort for when it can be done right!