(ANIMAL WELFARE/TAKE ACTION/VIDEO) OHIO — An Ohio man is accused of sexually assaulting a female dog whom he recently adopted from a shelter along with two other dogs and possibly even a horse. Bestiality is not illegal in the state of Ohio, so the man is charged with only two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. While this man obviously needs psychiatric care of some sort,  so do most sexual predators of the human kind. Nothing takes advantage of an animal’s innocence more than this crime, so let’s treat it like a real crime.

This case inspired a petition to protect animals by making bestiality a felony in Ohio. The petition needs signatures, so please sign it and spread the word! — Global Animal


Animal Legal Defense Fund, Stephanie Ulmer

Peter Bower of Shelby, Ohio, was arrested on May 18th, 2011, and charged with two counts of animal cruelty after allegations that he had sex with three companion dogs and possibly a horse owned by a local equestrian center. KAIT 8 News reported that during a police search of his home, photos of Bower having sex with animals were discovered, as well as online postings of his acts found on his computer. Authorities also found a book on bestiality and a plastic, blowup sheep. Another scary detail is that Bower advertised dog walking and sitting services in his neighborhood and at his local animal shelter.

Despite the absolute heinousness of these alleged actions, Bower is only facing misdemeanor charges, as Ohio has no first-offense felony animal cruelty laws, nor any separate laws specifically prohibiting the sexual assault of animals. But this case has gained much attention and has led some to act. “If this had been a child, there would have been an uproar about it,” concerned citizen Joyce Fields told the Mansfield News Journal. “There isn’t much difference because this pet didn’t accept or consent to what he was doing.” Fields has started a petition, along with a local animal advocacy group, seeking to expressly outlaw the sexual assault of animals. Fields hopes that Ohio will pass a law to coincide with the 36 other states that already have laws prohibiting such acts, separate from other forms of animal cruelty. Response to the action has been swift, as State Rep. Jay Goyal has said recently that his office is already working on a draft of such legislation.

Fields also started an additional petition in which she seeks to bar Bower from owning or interacting with any animals, and she will present it to the prosecutors and judge at Bower’s pretrial hearing on July 18th. In addition, authorities are looking into whether charges can be brought against Bower for disseminating pornography.

More: http://aldf.org/article.php?id=1762





  1. I can’t believe some of you people actually tolerate sick people like this…and defend them. Dogs are a special animal above the rest as they have evolved alongside us as companions for ten of thousands of years not as food or transportation but as a full member of our families.

    They are innocent, they only mate with other dogs in order to breed, never for just pleasure.  Obviously those of you who support this shit are the sick people in question. Anyone who can harm a poor defenseless animal won’t think twice before hurting a child for their sick pleasures.

    This comes from a trainer and shelter volunteer for over 10 years…

  2. from the conversations i have had with him i can say he does need to seek help…. however making bestiality a felony is discrimination towards Zoosexuals. making bestiality illegal would be like making homosexuality illegal. we took a few steps in the right direction with gay rights, but this would take a few steps backwards.

  3. Yet another cry from someone who thinks that they are some hero of the pet world, when in reality, all they do for animals is b**** on the net and make phony petitions.
    Get off your lazy a** and volunteer at a shelter instead of writing about things you have ZERO knowledge of. This stupid story is so full of BS hype it makes me want to vomit. The “bestiality book” is a very popular piece of mainstream media that is available at any bookstore. The blow-up sheep is a gag that is available at any adult toy store.

    And now you want to make having sex with a dog more of a crime than many violent acts towards other humans. Are you eating a hamburger while you type that, because I’m pretty sure most of us who aren’t nut-cases eat animals everyday without their consent. Is killing and eating better or worse than sex?  Which one would you rather have done to you?

    If everyone learned to think before flying off the handle the world would be a better place. Unsafe for idiots like the person who wrote this garbage, but better.

        • you doorknob.  do you think he asked the dog and the dog consented?????  it was rape.  stop smokin the drapes and get with the program f–khead.  animals matter and are put on earth to be respected, protected and cherished.

      • Prove it was rape. That word seems to get tossed around quite a lot.
        Before you start spouting BS though, I should warn you I work in the animal psychology field.
        I happen to know that all mammals have the capability to enjoy sex. Just because someone is doing something that you find MORALLY bad, does not mean it’s bad. Morals are variable. Most are religious based which is a fantasy world to begin with.

    • Jtues432, it seems to me you’re missing a big part of the issue.  Initiating sexual relations with nonhuman animals is severely frowned upon because it involves exploiting the victim’s lack of understanding of the situation.  Our human pedestal stands on the grounds that we think, feel, and think we feel in ways that studies prove nonhuman animals do not.  In this way, a human’s copulation with an animal is comparable to an adequately intelligent adult’s coaxing a trusting young child or unwary, mentally disabled adult into joining him/her in sexual activities.  While the vast majority of nonhuman animals may mate without any evident conscious reservations or expectations, I believe sex is meant to be mutually beneficial at best, and mutually acknowledged at worst.  A dog’s bark or whine offers no more consent to a human than does a fellow human’s silence.  As such, we should not seek to cast off our moral restraints (which many would label requisite to our humanity) by taking our bedroom business outside of the species; instead, we should strive to protect rather than profit by those who cannot protect themselves.

      However, in case you’re not a huge fan of common moral ideals, zoonoses (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=zoonoses) are another solid deterrent.  

      Not a fan of good health either?  Go down the street and grab a Big Mac.  Just leave Fido alone.  ^_^

    • the only reason i am agreeing with you is because he is an abomination to the zoo community because did kill his other dog for no reason after his dog died from pyo because he was so selfish that he would rather give her antibiotics that have never actually cured pyo so he could still have intercourse, then get get her spayed and it would have been cured.

  4. Maybe more effort should be put into discerning harmful bestiality and zoosadism from (consensual/nonharmful) bestiality and zoophilia because it isn’t inherently dangerous or malicious and that seems to be an unmentioned issue
    Also, there is probably a difference between a child molester/rapist and a bestialist (not inherently negative or positive) because it is possible that the man is only even interested in specific species of animals sexually meaning that there is no reason at all for him to molest children
    Lastly all forms of abuse or actions inherently abusive should obviously be made illegal and severely punishable by law, morals and reason