(ANIMAL VIDEO) CALIFORNIA — What better way is there to cool down during summer than to play in snow? The polar bears at the San Diego Zoo are enjoying digging, and rolling in 18 tons of it.  The chilly treat was donated by over 90 donors who raised the $5,100 needed to give the bears a summer snow day. The zoo’s enrichment program aims to give the animals, like these three polar bears, fun and creative things to do. The zoo also hopes to show people how polar bears act in a snowy environment, while also raising awareness of the disappearing arctic ice. Watch the polar bears playing in the snowy wonderland while learning more about the threatened species. — Global Animal




  1. Why dosn’t the zoo provide snow financially for the bears all the time, what will it do to them when it melts, how sad is that – why does it have to be the people that do the right thing for animals? 

  2. What she said is soooo true. If only, people would devote half as much time to preserving our eco system as they devote to religion and fighting in the name of some man made religion, we would all be better off.  Failing this, no amount of religious praying, would bring back what we are losing for our kids and grand kids.