(ANIMAL RIGHTS/ANIMAL LOVERS) For years country singer Sheryl Crow has acted as the celebrity voice of environmentalists and animal activists throughout America. She’s advocated animal rights, released a vegan-friendly cookbook, and has been called “a true champion for wild horses,” by Ginger Kathrens executive director of the Cloud Foundation. The fact that Ms. Crow is and always has been a true warrior for animal rights has never been questioned, that is, until now. Some disappointed fans and animal lovers are calling the singer’s recent performance at a rodeo and donation from those earnings to a wild-horse protection group hypocritical, and one could see where they get the idea. The accusation could be damaging to Crow’s reputation as an animal activist, but the question seems to be of her fans. Were Crow’s actions hypocritical or helpful to a worthy cause? — Global Animal

Country singer and long time animal rights activist stands accused of hypocrisy due to a donation on behalf of the wild horses of Nevada from the proceeds of a rodeo concert. Photo Credit: AP/Charles Sykes


Huffington Post, Martin Griffith

RENO, Nev. — Sheryl Crow, hailed as a champion of wild horses that roam the range in the West, has been criticized by a national animal rights group that is calling her a hypocrite for performing at a Wyoming rodeo.

The “All I Wanna Do” singer planned to donate a portion of the proceeds from her July 22 concert at the Cheyenne Frontier Days to a wild-horse protection group that’s suing the government to try to halt a big mustang roundup in Nevada. Crow is the opening act for Kid Rock on a summer tour that includes the Wyoming gig.

But Showing Animals Respect and Kindness claimed that wild horses are abused at that event in a special race just for them.

“How can an organization dedicated to helping wild horses take blood money that was based, in part, on abusing wild horses? We believe what Ms. Crow is doing is nothing but PR spin,” said Stuart Chaifetz, a spokesman for the Illinois-based group.

The group, also known as SHARK, called on the Cloud Foundation to reject the donation.

Wild Mustangs such as the kind that roam freely in Nevada, currently in danger of a government approved roundup. To read more about the Cloud Foundation and help save Nevada's wild horses, please click the above picture. Photo Credit: National Geographic/Melissa Farlow

Ginger Kathrens, executive director of the Colorado-based group, said she and other activists consider Crow a true champion of wild horses. Crow has adopted a wild horse and contributed time and money to the cause of keeping them on public lands, she said.

SHARK’s criticism is unjustified because rodeos are prohibited under the 1971 federal Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act from using mustangs removed from the range by the government, Kathrens added.

“I think it’s important for people to know the wild horse act prohibits the activity they’re concerned about,” Kathrens told The Associated Press. “They are not using wild horses off our ranges in that race.”

A spokesman for Crow agent John Marx at the William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills, Calif., referred inquiries to Crow’s publicist, who did not respond to an email. In a statement issued on her website last week, Crow said she was aware of “the contrasting and very passionate opinions that people have about this event and rodeos in general.”

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  1. Sheryl Crow is not a Vegetarian or Vegan, in a magazine interview she said she eats chicken like most of America. Glad to hear about the book, but I would like to see her be consistent and not promote Rodeos, especially the most violent ones

  2. BLM is the biggest entity controlling wild horses, and the only legal avenue, due to efforts by early animal rights activists such as “wild horse Annie”, which led to thefederal  wild horse program.  BLM is solely responsible from keeping the wild horse from over populating and destroying public lands.  The loud publicity stunts by so called animal rights activists have actually caused less and less money to come to the BLM for the protection and management of the wild horse.

    The largest helpful organization for promoting the wild horse is the mustang foundation, that holds events such as the extreme mustang makeover to promote the wild horse and find willing participants in the adoption program.

    The mustang foundation is offering a youth program now that actually PAYS qualifying young people to take and gentle a wild horse. 

    Please Please Please… if someone with a connection to these performers sees this post, let them know that their money could go to actually placing horses in a beneficial program such as this.  If they donated money to the mustang foundation for a program like this, just think what this could do for both the horse and a young person.

    If you really would like to know what kind of programs the BLM has promoted for the wild horse, you might take a look at a documentary film called “Wild horse redemption”  which is a recording of events surrounding a program at the Colorado State Pennitentary that couples inmates with wild horses.  If this program doesn’t bring a tear to your eye and a twist to your heart, you simply do not love animals or your fellow humans, and both of their struggles in life.

    There are prisons thoughout the United States that are now taking up these programs with the wild horse.  The trained mustangs are being used by the United States Border Patrol, the Fort Reiley mounted unit, and others, they also performed in the innagural parade.

    Take a look at the good that is coming from these programs and please look into donating to a program that helps place wild horses, and discover other options for the overpopulation of the wild horse.

    Anyone who has ever owned a horse understands the cost of this, it doesn’t cost the government any less to house a wild horse.  And grass lands are not free.  Public lands are set aside for multiple use, these uses bring us everything form beef to eat, honey for our bread, to timber, and oil and gas.  The lands have to be shared, and the over population of the wild horse that does not have any natural predators and no hunting season that keeps it in check becomes an encumbrance to not only livestock and other uses of the land, but to the health of the land itself, and this is not even healthy for the horse itself.

    Please take a minute to consider the problem, and don’t just feed the loudest mouth, that is causing chaos and harm, but look for the program that is truly trying to place the wild horse in beneficial situations to both the horse and to humans.

    Take this also into consideration, congress fined BLM 2 million dollars this year already for the complaints surrounding the wild horse issues.  This has only hurt the programs that are helping the horse, strange how that works isn’t it? 

    Find out the truth before donating to programs that protest and sue to get money from the government, this money actually leaves the wild horse program that is helping the wild horse.

    consider adopting a wild horse:


    just one of the programs the fines and protests are hurting: