Verrazano escapes a close call.

Arthur Jeon, Global Animal

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg is one of many people wanting to adopt the Russian-blue kitten who was heartlessly thrown out the window of a moving car last week on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York.

The kitten, given the impromptu name “Verrazano,” had a hair-raising close call on the busy bridge as cars whizzed by him. Fortunately, an Animal Care and Control officer happened to be passing by and rescued the kitten.

The tabby escaped without a scratch thanks to a city Animal Care & Control officer who said he spotted something being thrown from a vehicle.

“At first he thought they were throwing garbage,” said AC&C spokesman Richard Gentles. “Then he realized it was a kitten.”

The officer, who was not available for interviews yesterday, worked with some truck drivers to stop traffic and rescue the kitten, perilously wedged by a barrier on the bridge roadway.

The 5-week-old kitten was brought to AC&C’s Staten Island shelter. Gentles said he has little doubt someone was intentionally trying to toss the kitten from the bridge into the water – something that happens more often than people think.

“He’ll go into a foster home until he is old enough to be adopted,” said Gentles. “He’ll be ready when he is two months old.”

Love at first sight for Whoopi.

As officials search for the person who chucked the plucky kitten, Whoopi Goldberg has filed an official request to adopt Verrazano. Goldberg talked about the kitten’s ordeal on yesterday’s airing of The View.

The AC&C is asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who is interested in adopting Verrazano to contact the agency at [email protected] As for Verrazano? He’ll be off to the high life – what every little rescue deserves.