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There is a common misconception that vegans, by virtue of our dietary restrictions, have no fun. This is false; sometimes, we get carried away and have far too much fun for our own good! If this is one of “those mornings” for you, whether you’re craving mild, healing food or greasy goodness, fear not, for here we have a delicious list of herbivore-approved comfort foods to ease your shaky self. — Global Animal

10. Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea

This first vegan hangover food is technically a hangover beverage, though this is probably appropriate since on some mornings, liquid is about the only thing that will go down gag-free. This deliciously smooth concoction by Bolthouse Farms is marvelously healthy any time, but after intensive drinking, your dehydrated and nutrient-depleted body will be especially grateful for the rich amounts of plant-derived Vitamin C, B6 and B12, iron, zinc, magnesium, 18 amino acids (VERY important), and 37 grams of isoflavonoids and other health-boosting properties that this beverage boasts per serving. This Vanilla Chai is very lightly caffeinated – good to give you a slight boost without contributing to the shakes. Also, relatively high sugar content (21 g/serving) is a downside in most situations, but many people swear that a little extra sugar can help put your hung over system back in balance.

9. Nissin Top Ramen- Oriental Flavor

A hangover is, essentially, a sort of poison-induced sickness, and what could be better for sickness than soup? How about extremely-low-effort soup? This is the stuff: boil water, toss in noodles, add seasoning…  and, done! Nissin’s Oriental Flavor Ramen is savory and soothing, with a non-obtrusive flavor that, on certain mornings, is quite welcome. If it’s spice you crave, Nissin’s Chili Flavor Ramen is also free of animal products, though be warned: some other seemingly-plant-based brands of ramen (including competitor Maruchan’s Oriental Flavor Ramen) do contain powdered fats and other meat-based ingredients. It should probably also be mentioned that this ramen’s seasoning contains MSG (monosodium glutamate), though according to medical sources such as the Mayo Clinic, no research done on the subject has proven that anecdotal “sensitivities” to the ingredient are anything but psychosomatic. Still, though, if you are wary, many MSG-free (though less tasty) options can be found at health food stores.

8. “Chicken” (nuggets) and Waffles



Vegan Chicken and Waffles are a wonderful vegan hangover food

This comforting “soul food” dish provides some protein as well as a nice, warm base for your queasy stomach, and is absurdly easy to make. You really only have to get up from the couch to pop some vegan nuggets in the oven ( the ones made by Health is Wealth are quite good, though if you are purchasing another brand, make sure to read the label as some brands of non-meat chicken nuggets, such as Morningstar, do contain animal ingredients), heat up some vegan frozen waffles such as the ones made by Van’s (or, if you have the energy to do so, whip up some of your own), drizzle with BBQ sauce or maple syrup and nom away!

7. Uncle Ben’s 90 Second Rice aka Rice in a Bag!

Uncle Ben's rice in a bag is a good vegan hangover foodWhen you just aren’t feeling up to making an effort to do much of anything (even cook rice the traditional way), Uncle Ben’s 90 second rice is a godsend. Ready in literally a minute and a half and able to be eaten straight out of the bag, this stuff takes “low effort” to a whole new sloth level. It comes in many tasty flavors, most of them vegan, though simple brown rice with a small dollop of Earth Balance is especially soothing on tough mornings.

6. Miso Soup With Tofu

Miso Soup is one of the best vegan hangover food

Like Oriental Flavor Ramen, miso soup is a blessing to the hung over for its warm, gentle savory flavor. What’s really wonderful about tofu miso, though, is how it packs protein and a mysterious healing power that truly soothes. Homemade miso is a simple concoction (for a little extra vitamin-power, try adding kale in addition to or instead of seaweed), and many stores carry instant miso that is cheap, tasty, and vegan. Some brands even package dried miso soup powder that can be mixed with hot water for instant soup (perfect if you’re unfortunate enough to have a hangover on a work-day and need something portable). Be careful with restaurant miso, though, as many places add yucky shrimp paste or fish broth.

5. Newman’s Spelt Pretzels

If you fancy laying on the couch, watching bad TV and cursing your poor judgment (or incredible mojito-slurping skills) all the livelong day, Newman’s Own Spelt Pretzels make a great munch-companion. They’re tasty – just the right amount of salt and bland crispness – and the fact that they are made of spelt makes them a bit easier on your fragile tummy.

4. Burned Toast

This may sound gross to you, but there may be some actual science at work here. According to James Schaefer PhD, a professor at Union College (via WebMD), “Carbon in the charred part of the toast filters the impurities. In fact, people who come into hospital emergency rooms with alcohol poisoning get a potent carbon slurry pumped into their stomachs for the same reason. The burnt toast is a much more moderate version of the same remedy.” If you feel you can handle it, try your burned toast with a little side of soy bacon or vegan sausage for some protein.

3. Tater Tots

Tater Tots are an awesome vegan hangover foodNapoleon Dynamite doesn’t seem like the heavy-drinking sort, but if he ever partied hard, we all know what he would turn to the day after. If you’re the type that goes for greasy-munchy post-party food, go get yourself some tater tots! Made straight out of the frozen-food bag, they’re almost always vegan, but if you can bear to get out of your house, Sonic’s tater tots are to die for and herbivore-friendly.

2. Turtle Mountain “Purely Decadent” Soy Ice Cream

Oh my. This stuff is awesome; frankly, this is the only non-dairy ice cream I’ve tried that tastes exactly like the real thing. The ultimate vegan indulgence, the authors of Skinny Bitch said of Turtle Mountain on their website: “Their soy ice cream has ruined our lives. Ruined.” Well, when you’re super hung over and feel ruined in general, Turtle Mountain ice cream actually makes everything just a little better.

1. And, the best kind hangover food… VEGAN PIZZA!


Vegan pizza is the best vegan hangover food

Pizza is, perhaps, the most classically lauded hangover food, and vegan cheese substitutes such as Daiya and Follow Your Heart have gotten so convincing that this lush treat is just as good vegan-style! There are hundreds of good vegan pizza recipes online, but if you aren’t feeling particularly motivated to cook, Tofurkey and Amy’s both have pretty tasty frozen pizzas in grocery stores. If you’re down to go out to eat, several chain pizza shops, such as ZPizza and Mellow Mushroom have started serving vegan pizza, as well. Mmm… pizza. Enjoy, feel better, and party on, vegans everywhere!




  1. I didn't even get these comments lol. I started researching it after I looked at the ingredients and several vegan blogs listed it so i just wanted to inform them. And actually Jim, it's delicious. And mommy, the fruit ones are still vegan!