By Bianca M. Caraza, Global Animal

You can help stop Australia’s proposed camel slaughter. Photo Credit:

(WILDLIFE/ ANIMAL RIGHTS) Australia has a growing camel population and one company wants to put an end to the camel “problem” as well as global warming, for good. The company in question, Northwest Carbon, had the creative idea of exchanging every dead camel for a carbon credit. And while many praise the idea as helpful and innovative, Global Animal reported the camels vs. carbon story with a call for a better solution to each problem. is now offering animal lovers and environmentalists alike an opportunity to sign an online petition against the animal slaughter. The petition points out the fact that Australia has the largest population of healthy dromedary (single-humped) camels in the world, a position to be maintained and honored rather than destroyed in the name of carbon control. It goes on to call the camel slaughter an “expensive distraction from real change,” recognizing Australia’s many coal-powered industries as the true enemy of carbon pollution.

If you would like to sign the petition and participate in the potential saving of an entire population of camels, please take action now and stop the senseless slaughter of Australian camels.