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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Could Sleeping With Pets Really Kill You? (POLL)

(LIFE WITH PETS) The benefit of having a pet is undisputed; pets calm us down, bring us joy, and have positive effects on chronic illness. However, new studies have shown that the risk of contracting an illness  from your pet increases every time you sleep with or kiss your pet. Take our poll and tell us what you think about sleeping with pets. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Or will your pet sleep on the floor from now on? — Global Animal

New Book Reveals True Nature Of Dogs

(DOGS / CULTURE) John Bradshaw's new book "In Defence Of Dogs" reveals the true nature of dogs. Bradshaw argues that people tend to suppress a dog's natural instinct to work through dog training. The book also discusses dog emotions and how well dogs truly understand people. — Global Animal

Mountain Lion Travels Halfway Across America

(MOUNTAIN LIONS) CONNECTICUT — A South Dakota mountain lion travelled more than 1,500 miles to Connecticut, where he was tragically hit and killed by an SUV. His incredible journey was one of the longest ever documented for a land mammal and nearly double the previous record for distance travelled by a cougar. Find out about the significance of this animal's migration east. — Global Animal

Best Animal Tourism Spots In Asia

(WILDLIFE ADVENTURE TOURISM) Vacationing in Asia? Whether you want to stay in the city or  visit remote religious sites, Asia has a lot to offer the animal lover. Before you book plane tickets, check out this list of the best places to see and learn about the diverse animals in the wild and in sanctuaries in China, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Oman, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, India, and Maldives. From pandas to tigers, these animal tourism spots are sure to fascinate. — Global Animal

Giraffe Brings Peace Of Mind To Mexico

(CULTURE) MEXICO — Residents of Ciudad Juárez are victimized by violence everyday. Despite living in fear, citizens enjoy going to parks where they can see beautiful animals. Living at Central Park in Ciudad Juárez, a giraffe named Modesto brings joy to children and adults. — Global Animal

Neiman Marcus: Fur, Cruelty In Fall Catalog (TAKE ACTION)

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) – Neiman Marcus is featuring fur in their fashion line titled "Natural Selection" in one  section of Neiman Marcus' Fall Catalog. Cruel and heartless, and completely out of touch with our economic times, the Olsen sisters contribute to the trend with $39,000 bags made out of crocodile skin.

How To Stop Food Aggression In Dogs

(PET CARE) Does your dog actively protect his or her food by growling, nipping, or even biting you? Here is a step-by-step instruction manual for curing canine possession aggression (CPA). Protect yourself and your loved ones from possible injury, and make your life with a pet dog safe and happy with these helpful tips. — Global Animal.

Luxury Health Center For Animals

(PETS / ANIMAL HEALTH CARE) SWITZERLAND — Health Balance is more than just a pet clinic; it is a luxury health center for all types of animals where holistic, alternative medicine is developed and unconventional methods are used to treat even the rarest of illnesses. — Global Animal

New Film Shows Sea World’s Animal Abuse

(MOVIES) CALIFORNIA — Animal abuse is rampant in the entertainment industry. Amusement parks such as Sea World claim to educate audiences but actually mistreat dolphins, killer whales (orcas), and other animals in captivity. The new documentary "A Fall From Freedom" reveals the truth about Sea World and its mistreatment of animals. — Global Animal

120-Million-Year-Old Pregnant Lizard Fossil Discovered

(SCIENCE/LIZARDS) —  A newly discovered fossil reveals that lizards gave live birth millions of years ago. Scientists recently discovered the fossil of a pregnant lizard about to give birth to over a dozen babies, dating back 120 million years ago. Previously, marine lizards were the only lizards believed to give live birth. — Global Animal

Diver Befriends Whale Shark (GALLERY)

(WHALE SHARKS/PHOTO GALLERY) MEXICO — How many people meet a shark and live to tell about it? Well, a diver off Islas Mujeres, Mexico sure got a scare when he thought a whale shark wanted him for lunch. Luckily, these magnificent creatures have no desire to feast on people and instead search for fish eggs near the water's surface. Check out the diver's breathtaking interactions with the whale shark below! — Global Animal

Galapagos: 357 Shark Carcasses Found Aboard Boat

(ILLEGAL SHARK FISHING) ECUADOR — The 30 or so fisherman caught with the dead sharks inside Galapagos National Park's Marine Reserve now face criminal charges as commercial-scale fishing, including shark fishing, is illegal within the parameters of the Galapagos Islands. Discover how illegal shark fishing and finning is putting some species at risk of extinction. — Global Animal

Kittens Swarm Japanese Game Show

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Does your kitten have what it takes to be on a Japanese game show? Watch these fierce cats duke it out — when it comes to winning, there can only be one. — Global Animal

Study: Why Mother Foxes Kick Out Certain Cubs

(FOXES) ENGLAND — A new fox study shows that mother foxes kick out some of their own fox babies, preventing inbreeding and ensuring the long-term health of the fox population. Read about fox group dynamics and the importance of fox cub dispersal. — Global Animal