By Bianca M. Caraza, Global Animal

No dog poo, please. Photo Credit:

(PET CARE) We all love our dogs, but the most terrible thing to ruin your day is stepping in a steaming pile of dog poop. Your shoes are ruined as badly as your self esteem and, worst of all, you know that it was entirely preventable by a soul too lazy to lean down with a poop bags or a pooper scooper.

If you’ve ever stepped in dog poop, a few clever apartment owners feel your pain and have set out to eliminate the cast-offs of indolent dog owners. The plan? Simply a CSI-esque spin on rule enforcement.

Thanks to PooPrint, a commercially available DNA testing kit, negligent caretakers will be brought to justice. Each tenant will be required to submit their dog’s DNA to be kept on file by their property owners. Should an unwanted pile of doo-doo turn up, it will be tested and matched to the dog and human guardian responsible. Though tenant owners don’t yet know what the punishment for errant poop will be, it’s likely to come in the form of a fine.

While some believe that a dog DNA registry is disrespectful to dogs as well as their owners and a complete waste of time and money, it does seem like a creative cure to the affliction of an unhygienic and pesky practice. A worthy dog owner cares for and loves his animal and this includes cleaning up messes. Perhaps the new DNA testing system will persuade humans to take responsibility for their canine charges and pick up some poop.