NETHERLANDS — Noah’s Ark Version 2.0? Yes, you read that right — a gentleman in Holland built a full-scale version of Noah’s Ark. Johan Huibers’ inspiration to build the biblical boat came from a nightmare in which his motherland flooded. Is he building the ship as a precautionary measure to save animals? Not exactly, since all the animals duos on board will be plastic. While we’re glad he didn’t use real animals to reenact the story of Noah, the materials to create his plastic menagerie aren’t exactly eco-friendly. Read on to learn about his almighty architectural work. — Global Animal

An hour outside of Amsterdam in Dordrecht, Netherlands, a ship is under construction. But this ain’t your typical sailboat, bub. Johan Huibers is building a full-scale replica of Noah’s ark.

Yes, that Noah’s ark. And Johan, an expert builder, isn’t skimping on the details. The ship, which he’s been constructing for the past three years, is built to biblical specs. Johan culled information on the ark’s size and shape directly from the good book. In the end, the ship is four stories high and the length of a football field. And yes, it’s seaworthy.

The result is an incredibly impressive ship, especially considering it was realized simply by a man with a dream–or, perhaps, a nightmare. According to an interview with NBC’s “The Today Show,” Johan dreamt that Holland suffered a great flood. The next morning, he woke up determined to start preparing for that worst-case scenario.

The ship, which is not to be confused with the theme park in Kentucky that also honors Noah’s ark, is generating a lot of interest in the search box. Over the past 24 hours, online lookups for “noah’s ark photos” and “noah’s ark real ship” have surged.

As for the craft proper, it’s not complete yet, but it’s getting close. The master plan is to sail the ship up the Thames in time for the London Olympics next year. Expect to see plenty of life-size plastic animals aboard (two of each type, of course).