(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) From Midnight the miniature horse to Hope the baby giraffe, several animals have overcome deformed or missing limbs with the help of prosthetics. But Naki’o the dog overcame nearly impossible odds. The abandoned and malnourished puppy lost all four paws after freezing in a puddle. Read on to find out how the brave ‘bionic’ dog became the first animal to be fitted with a complete set of new legs. And check out the amazing video. — Global Animal

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Naki’o is the first dog to be fitted with a complete set of bionic legs that work naturally to allow him to run, jump and even swim. The prosthetics were designed and fitted in a pioneering procedure by Martin Kaufmann, founder of Orthopets.

Abandoned by a family fleeing their foreclosed home and their mother dead, Naki’o and his brothers and sisters barely survived the harsh Nebraskan winter. Weakened by malnourishment, the red heeler puppy stepped into an icy puddle in the basement and got his four paws stuck in freezing water.

At just five weeks old the litter was taken to an animal rescue center. Under the shelter’s care Naki’o’s paws, lost to severe frostbite, healed to rounded stumps.

Veterinary technician Christie Tomlinson was on the look out for a playmate for her Jack Russell terrier mix Poki when she came across Naki’o. Fearful of the pain that walking and playing with other dogs would cause, Naki’o resigned himself to crawling along on his belly at home and at the veterinary clinic’s doggy daycare.

Christie organized a fundraiser to pay for Naki’o to have his two back legs fitted with prosthetics. He took to these so enthusiastically, that Orthopets decided to complete the process free of charge. It was the first time they’d fitted an animal with a complete set of new legs.

At first walking on all four prosthetics was challenging, but Naki’o adapted quickly, learning how to use the devices as though they were his natural legs. After just a few days he was running and bounding. The prosthetics are built to mimic the muscle and bone of dog limbs, allowing them to do everything a normal dog would do.

Christie is amazed at her pet’s motivation and joy for life. “Naki’o can now not only chase after a ball with other dogs, but he can beat them to the catch!”

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