AUSTRALIA (KOALAS) —  Baby Frodo can finally once again lead a normal life. For the past seven months, the baby koala stole the media spotlight and captured our hearts. After an almost complete recovery from her gun shot wounds, she will hopefully never see the camera lights again. While we hoped to get one last glimpse of Frodo, her care-givers will not disclose information relating to her departure, most likely for security reasons, and rightfully so. Follow the end of Frodo’s remarkable recovery below. — Global Animal

Photo Credit: Associated Press


But for the red tag in her ear and some fading scars, Frodo looked like any other koala as she scampered up a towering eucalyptus tree.

The moment marked a return to the wild for the furry critter who tugged on the nation’s heartstrings when she was found blasted with shotgun pellets next to her dead mother last year.

Since then Frodo has staged a remarkable recovery, overcoming horrific injuries to be released back into the bush by her carers from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Vet Amber Gillett, who nursed Frodo back from the brink, said their final goodbye on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast was sweet, but emotional.

There were moments when she didn’t believe Frodo would pull through.

Her injuries included a fractured skull and terrible internal injuries from 15 shotgun pellets found lodged in her tiny body.

“Releasing Frodo back into the wild was a great feeling. She was such a special case,” Dr Gillett said on Tuesday.

“When Frodo was admitted she was a very sick little girl and her chance of survival was unknown.

“She was at risk for several months from succumbing to lead poisoning from the number of pellets in her tiny body; luckily she was able to overcome that biggest threat to her health.”

Australia Zoo Rescue Unit chief Brian Coulter said everything possible had been done to prepare Frodo for her new life back in the bush.

That included a period of minimal contact in the months leading up to her release.

Frodo’s carers aren’t saying exactly when or where she was released.

In the nicest possible way, they’re hoping they’ve seen the last of her and that she’ll never again require their help.

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