MISSISSIPPI — After wandering away five years ago during hurricane Katrina, Scrub the cat is finally back with her family thanks to her microchip. This unlikely reunion is yet another reason to get your pet a microchip. — Global Animal

Huffington Post

BILOXI, Miss. — Five years after wandering away in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, a gray and white cat named Scrub has been reunited with his Mississippi family

The Humane Society of South Mississippi says Scrub was identified by an implanted microchip. The 7-year-old cat was brought to the shelter by a Gulfport woman who’d fed him as a stray the past couple of months but worried about his safety during a cold snap.

Scrub’s owner, Jennifer Noble, tells The Sun Herald newspaper that she was skeptical at first when she received a call from the shelter. But by the end of the first night back, Scrub had snuggled in bed with one of her boys.

The woman who’d been feeding him lives about 15 miles away. Noble says Scrub is in excellent condition.



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