Photo Credit: Nevada Voters For Animals

Joseph Turner, Global Animal

NEVADA (ACTIVISM) Good news — animal abusers in Nevada will be punished.  Gina Greisen, the president of Nevada Voters for Animals, spearheaded the effort to have “Cooney’s Law” discussed on the senate floor. Three months after the bill’s introduction, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed  SB 223, known as “Cooney’s Law,” last week. When the  law takes effect, animal offenders will face felony charges for killing or torturing animals. Both people and animals will benefit from the new legislation as animal abuse can be a gateway to more violent crimes.

“Cooney’s Law” commemorates Cooney, a beagle who was brutally killed, and brought to light the weak punishments imposed on animal abusers.

While animal abusers will now be more severely punished, the law will hopefully deter people from such wanton behavior. Ideally, the combination of the law’s punitive effect and the increased attention now paid to animal rights in Nevada will prevent animal offenses from even taking place. A job well done by Ms. Greisen, the Nevada senate, and Governor Sandoval. The memory of Cooney lives on in positive change for other animals.

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