Buying In Bulk: Fat Cat Sale

Photo Credit: Life With Cats

Photo Credit: Life With Cats

OHIO (PET HEALTH) Staying in shape can be difficult, especially for domestic animals who are sedentary. According to New York  veterinary specialist Dr. David Bessler, about 17 million of America’s 41 million dogs are clinically overweight. That’s a lot of pudgy pugs and poodles.

And while an overweight cat or dog may just seem like more to love, overfeeding a pet who already doesn’t get enough exercise has its consequences. Obese pets, like their caretakers, can suffer unnecessarily from painful ailments and usually die at a younger age.

The Humane Society in Hillard, Ohio, has a big fat idea for addressing the issue of heavyset pets being overlooked for adoption.

A new program reduces the adoption fee of extra large cats to only about a quarter of the normal cost. While an overweight cat does come with some health risks, proper care and a balanced diet can change everything. The extra-light adoption fee applies to nine of the Humane Society’s 55 cats, with the goal of finding the heftier felines healthy and happy homes this summer.

— Bianca M. Caraza, Global Animal