AC/DC Is Preferred Music Of Sharks

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(SHARKS) Listening to music is relaxing. And not just for people, research finds. According to a new animal behavior study, white sharks are particularly fond of the hard rock band AC/DC.  And what’s their favorite song? You guessed it: “You Shark Me All Night Long.”— Global Animal

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

The Frisky, Ami Angelowicz

After a long day of swimming and preying on sea life, sharks need to take a load off just like us humans. Instead of watching massive amounts of reality TV (not that I’ve ever done that), researchers have found that sharks enjoy some tunes to help them relax. According to a team studying the effects of music on a group of great white sharks in Australia, AC/DC—more specifically the song “You Shook Me All Night Long”—has been shown to calm the animals.

When hearing that particular hard-rock anthem, the sharks became inquisitive and much less aggressive. Some of them even rubbed their faces along the speaker in a gesture of affection. I wonder if something like Enya would have the opposite effect and make them bloodthirsty? Not that I have any desire to find out.

Anyhow, this information is very helpful for future reference. I intend to load up my iPod with AC/DC for all forthcoming trips to the beach. Ya know, just in case I ever find myself in a “Jaws” situation.

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Here’s AC/DC performing the anthem sharks find so soothing.