The Global Animal Foundation has been collecting and dispersing donations for emergency animal rescues around the world, from the Japan earthquake and tsunami to the tornadoes in the United States. We’ve been amazed and inspired by the creative ways people are coming together to take action on behalf of animals in crisis. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to these animal rescue initiatives. Our hats are off to you! Here are a few of the groups…

Clarkson High School students involved in collecting and counting donations for Japan animal relief

Coordinated by Japanese studies teacher, Faye Valtadoros, students and teachers at Clarkson High School in Clarkson, Michigan raised money through collection jars in each classroom. Students were encouraged to give whatever they could, from coins to bills. Every bit made a difference – and really added up. Clarkson High School raised $2,370, donating over half to Japan animal rescue. That’s some awe-inspiring team – and teen – spirit!

Coordinated by Lydia Gnau, the Verona Animal Hospital in New Jersey hosted a bake sale this month to raise money to send to Japan animal rescues. What a sweet way to support animals in need!

Mrs. Grabow’s fourth grade class signatures on donation letter

Mrs. Grabow’s fourth grade class at Thomas Paine School in Urbana, Illinois, raised money for Japan animal rescue by reading books. The students had sponsors who contributed money for the points students earned on the Accelerated Reader Program. Now, that’s a smart win-win!

Pianists Leon Fleisher and Katherine Jacobson Fleisher held a benefit concert on May 20 for Japan relief. Concert attendees could specify which of four charities, including Global Animal Foundation, they wished to make a donation to. It’s wonderful to see that animals are also considered in times of crisis.

The Redondo Union High School’s Animal Rescue Club in Redondo Beach, California, was horrified by the disaster in Japan, and has been raising money for animal rescue since March. The student group plans to hold another fundraiser beginning this month. Hip, hip,hooray to this team of young animal advocates!

Many individual readers of have been making tribute donations in honor, or memory, or celebration of someone special in their lives. We thank these compassionate people for giving in this unique way.


See the difference donations like these make to animal rescue groups:

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue

Joplin, Missouri Tornado Rescue

If you would like to make a donation to the Global Animal Foundation, please visit the donation page, where you can contribute to a specific disaster rescue or to a general emergency fund.