Photo Credit: Wcities

Joseph Turner, Global Animal

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) — No cat declawing. No dogs or cats for sale in pet stores. Now — no fur for sale. Last month, the forward-thinking West Hollywood City Council voted to forbid the sale of fur within the city limits.

This ban is a welcome addition to the recent surge of pro-animal legislation in Southern California and  across the world.

Here are other pro-animal politicking to feel good about:

Los Angeles councilman introduces motion to ban sale of puppy mill dogs

Israel strives to become the first fur-free nation

Anti-fur advocates in South Korea protest the Fendi fur fashion show

California takes shark fin soup off menu

New laws protecting animals across the country

A city associated with shining stars and the bright lights of the cinema can be the impetus of a larger movement, not only to ban fur, but also torevolutionize fashion culture. Hopefully more cities will follow WeHo’s stylish lead.

Note to Fendi: You’re out.