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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Why San Francisco Should Outlaw Pet Sales

(PET SALES) CALIFORNIA — The city of San Francisco might ban animal sales in pet stores. Voters will decide in the upcoming November election. Those supporting the pet sale ban hope it will shut down puppy mills, and people will instead get pets from shelters. — Global Animal

Circus Animals Freed Forever In UK

(CIRCUS ANIMALS/TAKE ACTION) UNITED KINGDOM – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will soon introduce a ban ending the existence (and abuse) of wild animals in circuses forever. This decision marks the beginning of what we hope will be a victory for circus animals everywhere. – Global Animal

Canine Telepathy: Does Your Dog Have ESP?

(DOGS) Pets can detect illness, help the disabled, and work for the police, but did you know that dogs can also read minds? Canine telepathy is the phenomenon where your puppy knows what you need before you do. Is it ESP, or are dogs truly man's best friend? — Global Animal

Raunchy Turtles Delay Air Travelers

JFK AIRPORT, NEW YORK (TURTLES) — Air travelers experienced delays as sea turtles blocked the airport runway. The sea turtles blocked the runway in order to continue their mating season. Such turtles annually mate and leave their eggs on the sandy runway.

Do Crows Have An Elephant’s Memory?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Animals can do some interesting things, but scientists have learned some surprising new facts about the average crow. It seems that the elephant isn't the only one who never forgets. — Global Animal

Virtual Games Can Help Real Animals

(TECHNOLOGY) —Good World Games has launched the game MyConservationPark. The app allows players to create their own animal kingdom in order to help save animals. Players have the opportunity to provide care and protect animals in their natural habitat. A portion of the in-game purchases are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to saving animals.

Dog’s Unusual Trick Actually Pretty Useful

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Sure, sticking out your tongue might not be high brow behavior. But isn't it surprising how often it's the perfect sentiment? And this dog is ready to react!

DNA Dog-doo Test: The Proof Is In The Poop

(PET CARE) We all know that stepping in dog poop is the  worst. Now, a few clever apartment complex owners are using PooPrint, a DNA testing kit, to test unwanted dog doo-doo and track down culprits. — Global Animal

Happy Feet Recovers! News On New Zealand’s Wayward Bird

(HAPPY FEET) NEW ZEALAND — The emperor penguin Happy Feet is recovering nicely from his recent surgery. Curious, however, are scientists' discoveries — or lack thereof — when it comes to the little bird. — Global Animal

Should One Species Be Killed To Save Another?

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/POLL) CALIFORNIA —  Sierra-Nevada Bighorn Sheep struggle to survive against mountain lions in the Yosemite National Forest. The animal's population has increased from 114 to around 400 but it continues to be threatened by mountain lions. In an effort to save the sheep, mountain lions are now being hunted. Is one species more valuable than another?  — Global Animal

The Hardest Decision: Parting With A Pet

(PET CARE) — What to do if you have to give away your pet. Helpful tips on how to part with your pet, if necessary. How to best help your dog or cat live in a new home. Although we never want to part with a beloved cat, dog, or other pet, we need to say good-bye for our pet's best interest. Despite our own pain, a new home can provide a pet with a environment. Ultimately, our most innate desire for our pet is to live the best life possible. Read on to learn about making the best choices in a difficult situation.

Plastic Animals Board New Noah’s Arc (VIDEO)

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — A man named Johan Huibers has built a replica of Noah's Ark. The construction of Noah's arc was inspired by a dream. The arc will house an animal kingdom made of plastic. While we're glad he didn't use real animals to reenact  the story of Noah, the materials he used to create his plastic menagerie and aren't exactly eco-friendly. Read on to learn about his almighty architectural work.

Could You Eat This Sweet, Endangered Face?

(WILDLIFE) GALLERY – Last week, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) released the 2011 edition of the Red List of Threatened Species. As with most reports of this nature, much of the news is grave (especially for one featured species whose decline may be partially attributed to human consumption). However, one species in this gallery illustrates that while mankind does sometimes destroy nature, our conservation efforts truly make a difference. Scroll down to discover the tragically beautiful animals which comprise some of our planet's most endangered species. — Global Animal

No Leather For New Popemobile?

(ANIMAL WELFARE) ROME – While designs are underway at Mercedes-Benz for a new, energy-saving hybrid edition of the popemobile, PETA's made a special request on behalf of animals everywhere. Leather seats just may be left out of Benedict XVI's new ride.