Lioness Steals The Show — And Camera!

Photo Credit: Africa Imagery


Bianca M. Caraza, Global Animal

(ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE)  Watch as this friendly lioness steals a camera in her mighty jaws, all for a good cause, we promise.

Though many may not be aware, the African lion population is sharply declining. With as few as 19,000 lions roaming the savannah, image data base company, Africa Imagery, is trying to raise awareness to protect these magnificent big cats from endangerment.

As part of their quest for lion protection, Africa Imagery will increase public awareness of the lions’ predicament and raise funds through sales of two coffee table style books for both children and adults.

While hunting down pictures of the beautiful predators at Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve, photographers placed a camera near a few lionesses, having no idea just how much the playful cats would take to the curious device. After watching the lioness carry around the camera in her jaws, it’s a wonder the photographers ever got it back! It’s a real “lion’s mouth” view of the savannah.

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