Coming Soon: Baby Koala Frodo Goes Home! (PHOTOS)

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Photo Credit: Associated Press

(KOALAS/AUSTRALIA) After six months of rehabilitation, the baby koala Frodo will return home to the bush in the coming weeks! Last November, Frodo was shot 15 times in a gun shot assault that killed her mother. Despite the koala’s grave condition, veterinarian Dr. Amber Gillett was able to perform life-saving surgeries on Frodo.

Frodo arrived at the hospital at a meager 1.9 kilograms (barely more than four pounds), but now approaches the targeted 4 kilograms. “Frodo is almost ready to be released; she has come such a long way from the sick little girl that was admitted to me here at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital six months ago,” Dr. Gillett jubilantly remarked.

Thankfully, the youngster’s health has greatly improved. With intensive care and with generous support from the community, Frodo has almost fully recovered to where she can once again live independently.  A big thank you goes to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Dr. Gillett, and everyone supporting Frodo’s recovery.

Looks like there are many more Aussie g’days ahead for the baby koala who stole our hearts. See amazing photos and video of Frodo below.— Joseph Turner, Global Animal

The Sydney Morning Herald, AAP

After months in the media glare, Frodo has turned media tart. But there will be no more photo calls where she’s headed. The koala joey, who tore at the nation’s heartstrings when she was found blasted with shotgun pellets next to her dead mother, is going bush again.

It has been six months since the horrifically injured, pint-sized Frodo was delivered into the care of vets on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

“We weren’t sure she’d pull through,” Dr Amber Gillett says.

X-rays revealed 15 shotgun pellets scattered inside her tiny body. They had caused severe damage to her stomach and intestines. She also had a fractured skull.

Photo Credit: Megan Slade

Dr Gillett managed to remove most of the pellets in a series of operations and since then the focus has been on fattening her up for her return to the wild.

“I’m pretty proud to have her get to this point,” the vet says.

“She’s had minimal human contact in recent months. She’s out there in the elements, learning how to find food sources, so we’re pretty confident she’ll adjust very well.”

Dr Gillett says that after such a high-profile start to life, Frodo might miss the attention.

“We’ve discovered she likes the media attention: she likes to show off a little bit.”

But there will be no media circus when vets from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital bid her a quiet farewell in nearby bushland.

“It’s definitely going to be bittersweet to say goodbye. We just hope she’ll have lots of baby Frodos,” Dr Gillett says.

Police say no one has been charged over the shotgun attack in November last year.

Frodo with Dr. Gillett

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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Photo Credit: Associated Press



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