Miracle May is recovering from broken ribs and claw gouges after a bird of prey dropped the toy poodle from the sky. PHOTO: SPCA SUNSHINE COAST/QMI AGENCY

Leah Lessard Jeon, Global Animal

(AMAZING ANIMAL RESCUES) B.C., CANADA – A scruffy toy poodle fell from the sky and landed on the grounds of a retirement home on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast earlier this month. Nurses discovered the dog, who had broken ribs and several claw marks on her body, and is believed to have been dropped by a hawk or other large bird of prey. The nurses cared for the injured dog until the SPCA could come collect her.

Vets believe “Miracle May,” as she’s been named, is a stray who had wandered around without care for some time before being snatched by the bird. All of her nails were so long they had grown into her paw pads and her teeth were badly decayed.

“We don’t know how long she had been wandering without care, but she was obviously very neglected.  It’s ironic, but this bird may have saved her life,” says Shelter manager Shannon Broderick.

“The little dog with the big heart,” as SPCA staff refer to the toy poodle, is preparing for her first or two dental surgeries.

May, a toy poodle, is recovering on the grounds of the Sechelt SPCA Sunshine coast near Vancouver May 15, 2011. The severely injured six-year-old toy poodle was already in very poor condition by the time she was dropped onto the grounds of the nursing home. The small dog is in need of immediate veterinary attention and the SPCA is hoping to raise money to fund her operations. HANDOUT PHOTO/SPCA SUNSHINE COAST/QMI AGENCY

The six-year-old poodle’s medical costs are expected to be close to $4,000. The Sunshine Coast SPCA has raised $2,000 in donations from animal lovers as far away as Florida and New York.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can call the local SPCA at 604-740-0301, or visit spca.bc.ca/sunshinecoast.

Despite the harrowing fall and  broken ribs, Miracle May is expected to make a full recovery.

The SPCA has already received several adoption inquiries, but says the little dog still has some healing to do before she is placed for adoption.

Best wishes go to Miracle May for what will be a happy landing in a loving forever home. – Global Animal


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