Back in the day when life was simple and the muscles were big.

Arthur Jeon, Global Animal

The revelations that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a love child with a member of his household staff has people calling him a dirty dog. Some might say that’s an insult to dogs!

Seeing the former governor in the dog house makes us ponder an age-old pet-related question: do people start looking like their dogs, or do dogs begin looking like their guardians? And if either is true, what dog looks most like Arnold back when he was a bodybuilder?

After much discussion, the staff here at Global Animal concluded that if Arnold was a real dog instead of a metaphorical one, he’d be a bully whippet. The pictures below show bully whippets with so many muscles that the dogs looked photoshopped. But these ripped dogs are real – the bully whippet is a sub-type of the whippet breed and have a genetic mutation that make the dogs more muscular than standard ones.

The bully whippet in this photograph is actually a female named Wendy, showing that you don’t have to be male to have muscles, especially if you’re a dog. Wendy lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Wendy has two mutated copies of the gene and is therefore a “double-muscled” bully whippet who weighs twice as much as a usual whippet. The increased muscle mass, along with metabolism and extremely low levels of body fats, can translate to impressive super-feats, including marked increases in speed, agility and power.

And a look like a certain someone from The Terminator movies. Get this dog an agent!

"I'll be back."


"Hasta La Vista, Baby."