(ANIMAL VIDEO) Only in Japan, with their penchant for robot pets, would a company create a new “communication tool” called “necommi” that uses brain waves to control and wiggle wearable cat ears. Yep, you read that right. The company, Neurowear, uses brain waves generated from emotions to either perk ears up at attention or drop them when relaxed – the device reading the emotional state of the humans wearing it.

What’s particularly funny in the sales video is how the model’s ear perk up when she sees a guy she likes. This could be really useful in crowded, noisy nightclubs or places where emotions aren’t immediately scrutable. Hmm…

In a bid to avoid utter absurdity, the company says the device could potentially be used to help mentally disabled or verbally challenged people, show their feelings. Or for monitoring brain signals for workers involved in demanding tasks. Maybe, but this doesn’t seem to be the market they are going for.

Global Animal thinks that people just want to be cool, like animals. What do you think?




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  2. Both of my children think they are saving £75 to buy these. My car was hoovered today, their bedroom is being tidied and so on. Little do they know they do not need bionic cats ears for me to judge their mood!