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Monthly Archives: May 2011

How To Prevent Factory Farming Cruelty

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Many animal lovers give up meat entirely, but even for those who struggle with a love of ribs or filet mignon, it's horrifying to hear of the constant abuse farm animals are made to suffer. While any death of farm animals may be unacceptable to some, a decent life of minimal suffering for farm animals can be appreciated by all. This is achievable. Lawyer, rancher, and author of "Righteous Porkchop: Finding A Life And Good Food Beyond Factory Farms," Nicolette Hahn Niman explains five clear paths the government can take to reduce or possibly even eliminate animal cruelty on farms. — Global Animal

Hoo Helps Hoom Understand the Ecosystem?

(OWLS, ENVIRONMENT ) As owls deliver messages in the wizarding world, they also bring us mere muggles messages pertaining to our own ecosystem. The study of snowy owls, or Hedwig-type owls, in the Arctic can enlighten us on the nature of the Arctic ecosystem. Due to the plethora of research on snowy owls, their changes in behavior and living patterns can cue us in on environmental changes. Thus, our wise, nocturnal friends carry an important message to deliver. — Global Animal

Bird Watch: Birds Of Prey Preyed Upon No More

(ANIMAL WELFARE) – It's good news for birds of prey in the United Kingdom today as predator Dean Barr, who was found with an extraordinary amount of the bird poison carbofuran, will pay heavily for his crimes. Animal lovers everywhere will be pleased to see that the UK hasn't taken Barr's offense against nature lightly. — Global Animal

Dating Tips From Animals

(ANIMAL KINGDOM) Are you looking for the mate of your dreams? Check out these animal courting strategies to get some tips on how to catch the perfect spouse, you may be surprised at how similar some of the methods animals use to find a mate are to human practices. — Global Animal

No Soup For You! Sharks Live To Swim Another Day

(WILDLIFE/LEGISLATION/) SACRAMENTO, CA —  See why California is taking shark fin soup permanently off the menu, putting a major dent in the 73 million sharks killed a year by banning the sale, trade or possession of shark fins. — Global Animal

Who Fights Crime In Your Neighborhood? (VIDEO)

(DOG VIDEO) Who do you turn to for comfort when awoken by that creepy,crackling sound in the middle of the night? Who guards your home when you're forced to leave your companion behind? Who alerts you when an unknown presence approaches you on an early morning walk? The new music video by the Swedish House Mafia, titled "Save The World," endows a troupe of dogs with the responsibility to protect the neighborhood from cat burglars. Although the crime-fighting dogs in the video are all pure-bred, we know that every dog possesses the tenacity needed to thwart crime in order to keep their human companions out of harm's way.

We hope that no dogs were mistreated in the making of this video. — Global Animal

Joplin Update: 600 Tornado Pets Saved, Global Animals Donate $2,500

(ANIMAL RESCUE) JOPLIN, MO – More than 600 dogs, cats, and other pets have been rescued after what's called the biggest tornado in history hit Joplin, Missouri. So far, 120 people have been reunited with their pets. This week, Global Animal Foundation gave $2,500 to Joplin Humane Society on behalf of its readers who donated to tornado animal rescue in the Deep South. Read more on Joplin's lost and found pets and how animal rescue groups are helping create more happy endings...

The Real Jaws?

(OCEAN CONSERVATION) We all know the story of Amity Island — plagued by an enormous, not to mention hungry, great white shark. It's the familiar tale of Spielberg's Jaws, the world's biggest great white shark, which frightened beach dwellers away from coasts even on the hottest of summer days. AFI ranked the shark, affectionately nicknamed Junkyard Bruce, as one of the top hundred greatest movies villains of all time, and at 25 feet from tip to tail who can blame them? For the past 36 years, the only comfort beach goers had was the shark's highly fictionalized aspects, but one massive catch could prove the contrary. Can such a leviathan truly exist? And, more importantly, might this monster be more of a help than harm? — Global Animal

Hundreds Of Whale Sharks Feast in Mexico

(SHARKS) Whale sharks are most commonly found alone, with their mouths open, drifting peacefully in the ocean. But over 400 of the gargantuan fish assembled off the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico this week. Could it be that these sharks aren't as solitary as we thought, or could it be that these creatures will gather for special occasions? Find out what drew the whale sharks to Mexico and more. — Global Animal

Lioness Steals The Show — And Camera!

(ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE)  Watch as this friendly lioness steals a camera from a photographer at the Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve in South Africa.

Whale Wars Returns: Is This The Final Battle?

(WHALES) Are you ready to climb aboard the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker ships for Operation No Compromise? Or perhaps get behind the wheel of the new Ocean Adventurer vessel named after Godzilla? The fourth season of Whale Wars premieres on Animal Planet next Friday night. This TV season promises to be the most riveting yet, with the introduction of a seriously slick new member of the Sea Shepherd fleet and innovative new tactics and equipment. And best of all, the Emmy-nominated series captures all the high stakes drama of what may be the last whaling battle in Antarctica. Read on for a preview of the harrowing adventures facing Paul Watson's crew this season and a few updates from the Sea Shepherd decks. — Global Animal

How To Help Fear Of Thunder In Dogs

(PET CARE) Summer is approaching fast, which means its the season for thunderstorms. Unfortunately, most pets experience varying levels of anxiety during these storms, often to the dismay of concerned guardians. Here are some tips from the Humane Society on how to help your dog or cat endure the stress of thunder. — Global Animal

Coming Soon: Baby Koala Frodo Goes Home! (PHOTOS)

(KOALAS/AUSTRALIA) After six months of rehabilitation, the baby koala named Frodo will return home to the wild in the coming weeks! Last November, Frodo was shot 15 times in a gun shot assault that killed her mother. Despite the koala's grave condition, veterinarian Dr. Amber Gillett was able to perform life-saving surgeries on Frodo. The female koala arrived at the hospital at a meager 1.9 kilograms (barely more than four pounds), but now approaches the targeted 4 kilograms. "Frodo is almost ready to be released; she has come such a long way from the sick little girl that was admitted to me here at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital six months ago," Dr. Gillett jubilantly remarked. Looks like there are many more Aussie g'days ahead for the baby Frodo who stole our hearts. – Joseph Turner, Global Animal

Four Baby Foxes Rescued By Couple

(ANIMAL RESCUE) CANADA — A local Regina couple searched out and rescued four baby foxes after discovering the body of a female fox. Find out what the couple is doing to help these kits, and what to do if you suspect a baby animal has lost his or her mother. — Global Animal