‘Wizard Of Oz’ Dogs Survive Tornado

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) NORTH CAROLINA – Watch this incredible video of two dogs who survived a true “Wizard Of Oz” experience after being caught up in a tornado and landing, unhurt, to be reunited by policemen with their guardians. The Fayetteville family, who lost everything, were relieved to discover these two important members of their family were alive. – Global Animal

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NBCTwo Dogs Survive Tornado

Fayetteville, NC – More than a week after a tornado flattened a Fayetteville neighborhood, police there helped reunite a family with one of their two dogs who had been thought to have been swept away by the storm.

“There was a lot of wind picking up,” said Teresa Esparoza as she recalled that Saturday afternoon on April 16.

As the tornado swept through the Decatur Drive neighborhood, Esparoza said she looked out into her backyard to see the shed where the dogs were staying disintegrate in the winds.

“When I looked, the dogs were getting lifted up into the air,” she said.

The dog’s home at 233 Decatur, like the rest of the neighborhood, was destroyed.

Everyone assumed the worst about the fate of Prince, a 4-year-old pit bull, and Raider, a 1-year-old the German shepherd.

“I was really scared because I didn’t think I’d ever see them again,” said Esparoza.

But the tornado’s wrath spared the dogs. Prince was found in an animal shelter three days later and police on looting patrol spotted Raider about a week after the storm had hit the area.

“We saw this German shepherd going from house to house in the neighborhood,” said detective Stig Larson of the Fayetteville Police.

The dog  kept stopping at what was left of his demolished and unoccupied home.

Raider kept going into what had been the living room and the police officers realized that had significance.

“We tried to get him and see if he had as collar or something, but we weren’t able to because the dog kept running away from us,” said  Larson.

But the detectives didn’t give up, and eventually figured out Raider’s owners.

“We wanted to desperately get him back to his family,” said detective Glen House, who also happens to be a dog owner.

The officers contacted Meagan Alfonso, who met with them in the neighborhood and began a search forRaider.

“We walked about a half mile into bushes,” said Alfonso as she recalled how she and the officers searched the woods surrounding the neighborhood.

“After about five to 10 minutes of saying his name, he came limping out just happy as he’d want to be,” saidAlfonso.

Despite the loss of a home and possessions, getting both family pets back after what should have been certain death puts a different spin on events for the family.

“I feel a lot better about the whole situation now, I really do,” said Alfonso.

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