(PUPPIES/ANIMAL VIDEOS) This addictive live streaming webcam features six adorable Shiba Inu puppies.  The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam went live after the pups were born to mother, Kika, two weeks ago. The litter of three boys (Chozen, Chame, and Chikara) and three girls (Chisaki, Chiyoko, and Charlotte) all have families waiting for them when they’re ready to leave their mother.  For now, their every aww-inspiring move is being watched by the world.

So, without further adieu here are the puppies…


Love what you see? If you’re interested in including a Shiba Inu as member of your family, don’t buy – adopt! There are nonprofit rescue organizations devoted to rescuing and rehoming nearly all breeds, and Shiba Inus are no exception. Check out the National Shiba Inu Rescue for information on dogs who need new loving homes. – Global Animal


9 News San Francisco, Jeffrey Wolf

For dog lovers, it has the addictive power of a narcotic. Among fans of web cams, the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam is the grandmother of them all. A San Francisco family recently fired up the Puppy Cam again, meaning there was a third litter for mom.

In the two weeks since the latest litter was born, the number of visitors to the site following the breeding prowess of a Shiba Inu female named Kiko has now topped 27 million.

It’s a rare breed of Japanese hunting dog, but psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert says that’s not what has so many people tuning in.

“It’s free, it’s calming, it allows us to escape some of the stress of life,” Alpert said.

Kiko’s owners are a San Francisco couple who’ve insisted on remaining anonymous, but when an Internet broadcaster picked up the live feed of Kiko’s first litter in 2008. It became a worldwide phenomenon.

In that first week, 4 million viewers in 74 countries spent more than 1.2 million hours watching online.

Part of that could be context, experts say. The economy had just tanked, and by the time the first litter of puppies was weaned, about 15 million viewers had found a morsel of innocence and optimism in the Puppy Cam.

If you’re a fan of animal videos the Internet age gives you plenty of options: nesting eagles, elephants who paint self portraits, and any number of other breeds of puppies. But the Puppy Cam has succeeded more than any of the others.

It’s not about money, though someone’s marketing T-shirts and greeting cards. For most watchers, it’s just about seeing the puppies, and feeling good.

More 9 News San Francisco: http://www.9news.com/news/sidetracks/195294/337/Puppy-Cam-phenomenon


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