Alligator who crawled through doggie door.

Okay, we get it. Getting up to use your bathroom and finding a 7-foot alligator curled around the toilet is no way to wake up (or a very fast way). What we don’t understand is why the alligator had to be destroyed. It was obviously not badly hurt – some blood from scratches acquired while crawling in the doggie door. So why not release him back to the wild, far from civilization and the cats he was after? – Global Animal



The Associated Press

PALMETTO, Fla. — A woman found an unwelcome weekend guest in her bathroom — a 7-foot alligator.

Alexis Dunbar said she screamed and the gator hissed when she found it inside the bathroom of her home Saturday afternoon. Her boyfriend propped a small table by the bathroom to keep the gator inside until a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer arrived to take it away.

Dunbar said she believes the gator crawled under a fence and used a doggie door on the back porch to get inside the house. She said her biggest concern was for the safety of her cats.

“My cats are like my daughters, so I thought my cat was eaten,” Dunbar said. “There was blood everywhere.”

The blood was from an injury the gator suffered crawling through the doggie door. None of the cats were hurt, and the gator was eventually captured.