(ANIMAL PICTURES) Piglets and bunnies are both symbols of springtime sweetness, and ridiculously cute ones at that. Just in time for Easter, check out these royally cute photos of Charles and William, an unlikely pair of best friends. — Global Animal

Daily Mail UK

Pigs and rabbits have never been regarded as having the potential to be great mates.

Like the tortoise and the hare, the former enjoys a slower pace of life while the latter spends its time hopping from burrow to burrow.

One prefers foliage and a nose wriggle while the other appears to have no specific dietary requirements and expresses itself through a series of oinks.

Best friends: Unlikely pals William and Charles say hello with a nose rub.

So, as they snuggle up together, the friendship of piglet William and Charles the giant rabbit looks more like the pages of a Beatrix Potter story made real than pals saying hello.

The unlikely companions play together in the sunshine at their home on Pennywell Farm, in Buckfastleigh, Devon.

An odd couple, the duo got together after William had to be moved to a pen next to the rabbit hutch.

When they were let out for the day, William began following the large flop-eared rabbit, who is twice his size.

The pair became inseparable and now they even sleep together in the gardens and share food from the same bowl.

On the prowl: the pair look for their next adventure in the gardens


Charles has a rest as William – aka the enthusiastic half of the friendship – attempts to get closer to his buddy

Chris Murray, co-owner of the tourist attraction, said: “To keep William the miniature pig happy, he is given time out on the grass.

“When they are out, Charles heads for a quiet spot in the sun and William seeks him out and tries to play with him.”

The mischievous piglet seems to have no fear of something so much bigger than him and helps himself to any food Charles has.

Chris adds: “William is far keener on the friendship than Charles, but Charles is tolerant, even when his food gets taken”

William will eventually grow to the size of a small dog, which is small for a pig. But he will be two or three times the size of Charles.

Valerie Bickford-Beers, who works on the farm and quickly snapped the pictures when she saw the creatures together, said: “They’re so sweet together.

“I’m not a photographer but I wanted to share the pictures to make people smile.”

Pigging out: William makes a beeline for Charles’s dinner

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