The Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS) team and Kinship Circle continues to work diligently in the aftermath of Japan’s devastating earthquake, tsunami and radiation threat. Thanks to generous donors, like Global Animal readers who’ve donated over $27,000 in support, these volunteers are on the ground making a huge difference in the lives of animals and people alike. In the photo gallery below are some of those lives. – Global Animal

Volunteers went inside the exclusion zone to check on  many cats who were left behind after their guardian had evacuated. The cats were all very hungry, as nobody had been able to get in since the evacuation took place.  JEARS’s Susan Roberts feeds the hungry cats. Photo Credit: JEARS

More of the cats that volunteers are caring for. Photo Credit: JEARS

Susie the spaniel was found on the side of the road, curled into tall grass, nearly too weak to stand. She has settled in at Animal Friends Niigata, pictured here with Kinship Circle team leader Ron Presley. Photo Credit: Kinship Circle

Sister Michael Marie and Cheri Deatsch, Kinship Circle animal disaster responders in Japan working with JEARS, found dog Trixie, who has a badly broken paw, limping down the side of the road. Photo Credit: Kinship Circle

Susan Roberts, from JEARS, walks Trixie, who is quite used to getting around on three paws. Photo Credit: JEARS

The Kinship Circle and JEARS team is en route to Namie to check on a house where 50 cats and 2 dogs were left behind. Photo Credit: JEARS

This is a bull from one of the dairy farms JEARS has aided. The animals on the farm are being cared for by a woman who refuses to leave them behind; she has run this farm for 40 years. Photo Credit: JEARS

Benji is another dog rescued by the JEARS team. He was found standing at the side of the road, his hair matted and dirty.  Benji didn’t make a single sound and seemed to be in complete shock. Photo Credit: JEARS

Kinship Circle’s team, left to right: Sister Michael Marie, JEARS Susan Roberts, Kinship Circle’s Adrienne Usher and Cheri Deatsch. Photo Credit: Kinship Circle

A truck full of donations, thanks to such generous donors supporting the cause! Photo Credit: JEARS

If you’d like to support the ongoing animal rescue efforts in Japan, please click here.


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