(VIDEO) – The little dog who spent three weeks drifting in the sea off distaster-struck Japan was reunited with her overjoyed guardian today, local Japanese media reported. After seeing a TV news report about the dramatic Coast Guard rescue, the guardian of the two-year-old mixed breed dog named Ban, went to an animal care center in Miyagi prefecture to bring her back home.

“I recognized her immediately after seeing her face,” she said, hugging Ban.

“I am happy that she seems healthy. I want to cherish her when I take her back,” she added, as Ban licked her face and wagged her tail.

The dog was found by Japan’s Coast Guard on Friday, after drifting more than a mile off the coast of Miyagi, one of the areas hit hardest by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.




  1. These are the types of videos that need to be shown more often! It gives faith back to man kind! All the news ever shows is the bad things people do….These people are truely amazing! God Bless them all!
    Im so happy to know this pup is back with his family!