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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Maine Bill To Protect Lab Animals

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) Animal testing causes physical and emotional suffering for lab animals.

Fukushima Exclusion Zone Update: 5-hr. Visits Allowed, Euthanizing Begins

April 29, 2011  (JAPAN ANIMAL RESCUE (VIDEO) – Japan's federal government and Fukushima Prefecture officials announced new, but incomplete, action plans for the pets and farm animals left behind in the 20-km radiation evacuation zone. Initiatives include 5-hour access for evacuees, Fukushima officials taking custody of animals in the nuclear power plant zone, and sadly, culling farm animals that are near death. Read on...– Global Animal

Royal Couple Helps Animals On Wedding Day

(ACTIVISM) Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton on their royal nuptials. We're thrilled that one of the 26 charities chosen for their support is involved in saving critically endangered black rhinos in Kenya and wild elephants in Thailand. Let's hope this is a sign that the royal couple loves animals and will be their protectors around the world. – Global Animal

Tornadoes Devastate People & Pets (HOW TO HELP)

ALABAMA (ANIMAL TORNADO RESCUE) – Tornadoes ripped through nine states, wreaking havoc on people and pets alike. Read about the disaster's effects and find how to help pets and other animal tornado victims. Also find animal organizations in Alabama engaged in pet foster, adoption and reuniting rescued pets with their families. – Global Animal

Bald Eagle: Bird’s Eye View Of Nest (LIVE CAM)

(WILDLIFE/STREAMING VIDEO) It's wild! Millions swooped in to this bald eagle nest to watch the egg hatching. Now, the live video feed of the Eagle Cam in Decorah, Iowa is a fascinating bird's eye view into family life in an eagle's nest. We love how sharp the video quality is, as though we're fellow wild beings experiencing the world from a treetop.

‘Wizard Of Oz’ Dogs Survive Tornado

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) NORTH CAROLINA – Watch this incredible video of two dogs who survived a true "Wizard Of Oz" experience after being caught up in a tornado and landing, unhurt, to be reunited by policemen with their guardians. The Fayetteville family, who lost everything, were relieved to discover these two important members of their family were alive. – Global Animal

Top 10 Most Courageous Animals

(ANIMAL STORIES) We all know that animals are amazing. These ten stories of bravery from the animal kingdom are bound to inspire! From a sled dog's 200-mile journey that saved several people, to cats, dolphins, and pigeons helping others in need, these top 10 courageous animals throughout history have proven their fearlessness. We love number 10. The story of a miniature horse named Magic, while not as loudly heroic as the others, is a tear-jerker for sure! – Global Animal

Battle Of The Sexes: Are Male Or Female Dogs Smarter?

(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE)  Who's smarter – Fifi or Fido? A new study on the difference between female dog and male dog intelligence might raise some hackles. Find out here which sex has a leg up on the other. Also read how other species – from dolphins to pigs to koala bears do in the animal kingdom's intelligence showdown.

Man Rescues Baby Moon Bears, Safe From Bear Bile Trade

CHINA (ANIMAL RESCUE/VIDEOS) Watch how a farmer rescued two baby moon bears crying in a forest and brought them home. And read why this story is meaningful beyond the two saved cubs. Moon Bears, or Asiatic Black Bears, are also called the 'bile bear' and are kept in captivity in China and Vietnam to harvest bile, a digestive juice produced by the liver that's sold in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Gator Crawls Through Doggie Door, Loses Life

FLORIDA (VIDEO/WILDLIFE) – Getting up to use your bathroom and finding a 7-foot alligator curled around the toilet is no way to wake up (or a very fast way). Alexis Dunbar found an unwelcome weekend guest in her bathroom – a 7-foot alligator. The gator, who had been eying Dunbar's cats for a few days, crawled in through the doggie door and was trapped. What we don't understand is why the alligator had to be destroyed.

Michael Vick, Humane Society, Fight ‘Dog Wars’

(ANIMAL WELFARE) – Michael Vick, now on the right side of dog fighting, is joining Humane Society's Wayne Pacelle in condemning 'Dog Wars,' a video game that glorifies dog fighting, as well as providing a primer for would-be dog fighters. Google's Android and Kage Games is sending entirely the wrong message to young people by communicating that torturing animals is a glamorous, fun, 'sport' rather than a grisly and cruel crime. The game's designers saying that they don't condone violence towards animals or humans and that they will donate some of the proceeds to animal rescue organizations is a risible response. What's next, creating mountain gorilla hunting games and donating some money toward saving the 750 remaining mountain gorillas? This game is a non-starter and should be pulled. – Global Animal

Puppy Cam: The Shiba Inu Puppy Sensation Is Here

(PUPPIES/ANIMAL VIDEOS) This addictive live streaming webcam features six adorable Shiba Inu puppies. The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam went live after the pups were born to mother, Kika, two weeks ago. The litter of three boys (Chozen, Chame, and Chikara) and three girls (Chisaki, Chiyoko, and Charlotte) all have families waiting for them when they're ready to leave their mother. For now, their every aww-inspiring move is being watched by the world. -- Global Animal

23,000 Rabbits Killed In Easter Massacre

NEW ZEALAND (ANIMAL WELFARE) – Animals are too often on the losing side of a battle for habitat. This time, 23,000 rabbits were killed by a grinning Ray Moffat and a clan of farmers who killed the bunnies in a grisly Easter hunt.

Nepal’s Rhino Numbers Recovering After War

NEPAL (ENDANGERED SPECIES)– Whenever an endangered animal makes a comeback, no matter how tenuous, it's a cause for relief and celebration. It's also proof that education and enforcement can affect behavior and reverse a downward plunge in a population's numbers. In a world of seemingly endless bad news for animals, read about this heartening success. – Global Animal