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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Ducklings Rescued As Mom Supervises

(ANIMAL VIDEO/DUCKS) For those of you needing any more proof of the rich emotional life of animals, watch this amazing video of a frantic mother duck quacking at rescuers as they saved her entire brood from a storm drain. – Global Animal

Euthanized Dog ‘Rises From The Dead’

(ADOPT A PET) When your time isn't up, it isn't up. Read about a happy and unusual ending for a young pup slated for euthanasia. If only all the other dogs put down every year had second chances like this! – Global Animal

Pet Sitting Provides Seniors With Income

In a world where most people view their pets as members of their family, finding a good pet sitter is as important as finding the right pre-school. And now, this need is translating into income opportunities for retired seniors. Read what it takes to become a pet sitter. – Global Animal

Extinct: Eastern Cougar Declared Gone For Good

(WILDLIFE) Federal officials, after believing the eastern cougar to be extinct for years, finally made it official, saying the cat was probably wiped out in the 1930's. All over the world, big cats are endangered, much to the detriment of eco-systems that depend on them to keep other animals from overbreeding. Read about how this 'ghost cat' became just that, a ghost. – Global Animal

Apps Keep Pets Happy, Active & Even Quiet?

It seems like there's an app for everything these days, so why should our pets be any different? Check out the most useful apps here that help out if your pet gets poisoned or if you need to find the nearest dog park.

“Walking Cactus” May Have Been Lobsters’ Grandfather

Ever wonder how the first legs on animals were formed? This fascinating article takes us back in time, way back in time, to take a look at the fossil history. – Global Animal

A Lioness’ Top Choice For Cubsitter

This lioness has chosen a babysitter for her cubs, and he isn't what you'd expect. They might not be the same species, but this guy sure knows how to communicate with lions. Watch the incredible video of the love and trust between lion and man. — Global Animal

Which Animal Do You Think Is Smartest? (POLL)

Have you ever wondered which animal is the most intelligent? Take our poll to tell us what you think! Then read on to discover the answers. — Global Animal

Monkeys Can Feel Self-Doubt Just Like People

Scientists have found that some kinds of monkeys feel self-doubt and uncertainty, which shows these monkeys are aware of their own thinking, and the possibility that they might be wrong.  This awareness was once thought to be solely a human trait. What sorts of implications could this study have? Read on to find out.