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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Vegetarian Dogs Can Be Healthy And Happy

Vegetarian Dogs? Your Questions Answered.

(PET HEALTH) Can dogs be vegetarians? Yes, answer many veterinarians. Learn more about a vegetarian diet for pets in this question-and-answer session with Verona Rebow, a dog expert and author of Vegetarian Dogs. —Global Animal

Evacuation: Are Pets Luggage?

In the midst of the tsunami aftermath, many people in Japan are leaving the country.  Due to airline regulations and limited space, traveling with pets may pose significant challenges.

Two-Legged Heroes For Japan’s Animals (Gallery)

(PHOTO GALLERY) – Vets and first responders from Japan and around the globe have travelled to the most devastated areas of the country to aid animals in need.  Volunteers from organizations such as World Vets, JEARS and PETA are busy rescuing and medically treating animals, as well as providing animal shelters with much-needed supplies.  We salute these animals' two-legged heroes!

Knut The Polar Bear: A Life In Pictures

(PHOTO GALLERY) – The world mourns the sudden loss of four-year-old Knut, Berlin's most popular polar bear.  After being rejected by his mother, Knut was raised by zookeeper Thomas Dörflein at the Berlin Zoo.  There, he quickly became an internatoinal celebrity.   The craze surrounding Knut, dubbed "Knutmania," gained worldwide attention as his minature stuffed animals, DVDs and books sold off the shelves. Though experts are currently debating the exact cause of Knut's death, all can certainly agree: Knut will be missed.

Rescuers Save Baby Porpoise After Tsunami

JAPAN – Two men came to the rescue of a baby porpoise marooned in a rice field after being washed 1.2 miles inland by the tsunami over 10 days ago. How did these two everyday heroes get the infant back to the ocean? By making a stretcher from car parts and a futon mattress found in the tsunami wreckage and a protective cover of wet blankets. Now that's grace in action. - Global Animal

Liz Taylor, Animal Lover, Dies At 79

(PHOTOS & ANIMAL STORIES) – Elizabeth Taylor, an ardent animal lover, died today at 79. From her fan site come charming stories that reveal just how much animals, especially dog, were a part of her life. Rest in peace, Elizabeth, and thanks for all the memories. - Global Animal

Radiation And Wildlife: The Impact On Animals

While many animals have been affected by the disaster in Japan, the impact of the radiation appears to be less harmful than we might have expected. Read on to discover how the marine and wildlife have been and may continue to be affected by the radiation leaks. — Global Animal

Neurologist: Animals Have Spiritual Experiences

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) Next time you see your pet looking soulful, consider the possibility that animals – not just people –  can have spiritual experiences. Read what a prominent neurologist found in three decades of study on the subject of animal spirituality.

How To Help Japan’s Pets (Find Animal Rescues)

Helping Japan's lost and injured pets is a profound and direct way to support the nation's people. If you'd like to donate to Japan's pets, here's a list of animal rescue organizations that are on the ground on behalf of animals and accepting donations.

Expensive Shark Fins, Chinese Delicacy, May Be Banned In California

Eating Shark Fins Is Sickening, Science Says

CALIFORNIA – Not only are there no health benefits to eating shark fin, but new research shows that they are loaded with mercury and heavy metals that are 42 times higher than safe levels for humans.  Another reason to retire this tradition – eliminating the inhumane finning of live sharks who are left to sink to the bottom of the ocean and drown. – Global Animal

Four-Legged Solace: Pets Comfort Survivors

(PHOTO GALLERY) — Many survivors of the Japanese tsunami were left homeless, forced to seek refuge in evacuation centers. Even in the most terrible of circumstances, however, pets offer an unmatched source of comfort and hope for these courageous people. Check out these photos and see how the bond between human and their animal companions is unbreakable even  – or especially – in the midst of tragedy.

Pod Of 400 Pilot Whales Grounded In Falklands

FALKLANDS – On a remote island in the Falklands, 400 pilot whales died this week after grounding on a beach. Scientists have been dispatched to determine the cause of the groundings. Sad news, indeed. – Global Animal

Cute Bunnies Quote Charlie Sheen’s Crazy Sayings

(PET HUMOR) What's funnier than a bunny saying outrageous things? An adorable bunny saying outrageous Charlie Sheen quotes, of course. Take a break from the bad news and peruse this wacky combination of the innocent and insane. ― Global Animal

Survival Of The Nuttiest: Squirrel Smarts

(WILDLIFE) Squirrels are pretty much everywhere, but how'd they get to be so ubiquitous? They actually aren't as nutty as they seem. It's a case of being clever. Read how squirrels use deceptive 'caching' techniques to bury and rebury their nuts, which is a tactical decision-making process previously thought to be only used by primates. – Global Animal